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liz earle eye bright lotion

Despite raving about Liz Earle's Eye Bright* so many times on my blog, I still haven't written a proper review on it. And I have no idea why.

I use this as my eye make-up remover every day and it has featured in many monthly favourites posts. It hasn't really got a scent so this won't irritate and if you do get it in your eyes, it doesn't sting at all. There is no oily residue left over either. I simply pour some onto a cotton wool pad and place it on my eyes for about 20 seconds. I can then wipe away gently and all my eye make-up has gone.

When my eyes are feeling sore from hey fever I also use this as a treatment. I simply poor some onto 2 cotton wool pads and place on my eyes for 10 minutes. It makes such a difference and is really soothing. There's no need to wash it off afterwards unlike other treatments.

Eye Bright also comes in a mini bottle (£4.85) which is perfect for travelling or trying out the product for the first time. Quick tip - if you have a mini bottle, top it up with the full size when it's empty and use this bottle every day. I find it's easier to control the amount of product I use therefore it lasts me longer.

The 150ml bottle costs £9.70 which I know some may find expensive but for me it is worth it. Before this I hadn't found a single eye make-up remover that I liked. I've gone through about 6 bottles of this so far which I never usually do.

Liz Earle are currently having a great offer on Eye Bright. When you buy the Daily Eye Repair (10ml) and the Smoothing Line Serum (10ml), you'll receive a full sized Eye Bright. You'll save about £10! Perfect if you already use all 3 products or simply want to try them out.

P.S Do you prefer pr samples to be disclosed? Let me know! If you do, from now on I'll mark anything sent for review consideration with a *.


  1. Thanks for this review, I was wondering do you use this in the morning too? Does it make your eyes look less tired?

  2. @Nivi, I don't use it on a daily basis in the mornings as I find I go through the product too quickly. If my eyes are feeling particularly sore and tired in the morning I'll use it as a one off. It really helps with any puffiness when you wake up though :) xx

  3. I just got the mini and I love it it feels so nice, I haven't tried taking my eye make up off with it yet but I cant wait to see what how well does as I am a bit of a mascara queen :-)

  4. Someone on twitter said "I don't invest in make up, I invest in my skin!" and I think that is so true. I am willing to spend a little more when it comes to products that I use for my face, just because I have had allergic reaction to some of the high street brands before and it's such an awful feeling. (both for confidence, and when your skin feels like it's actually burning!). I've been meaning to check this out - I think i'll give it a go, thanks for review! x

  5. @Sarah, I couldn't agree more, once I find skin care products that I like I'll just keep on using and repurchasing. They might cost a little bit more but in the long run it'll save me money from not buying/trying out loads of other products. :) xx


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