E.L.F Mineral Line

Cool Coral lipstick is exactly that, a gorgeous coral with a gold sheen. No glitter here. As with the other mineral lipstick I've tried, the pigmentation is great. It definitely looks more expensive than it is.

I couldn't have chosen a better lip gloss to go with Cool Coral. Fierce mineral lip gloss is a bit more pink but it goes perfectly. Once again it's a little bit too sticky for my liking but not as bad as some.

I've had elegant eye shadow before but I lost it about a year ago and have only gotten round to ordering it. It's a gorgeous every day colour and is so finely milled that this little jar is going to last for ages. I really recommend these mineral eye shadows. I'd even go as far as saying they're better than Bare Escentuals.

The mineral eye shadow primer has really surprised me. It's more watery than UDPP but is pretty much the same colour and blends out to nothing. It dramatically improves shadow colours and makes them look much brighter. The only thing is that it can sit in any lines if you put too much on.

Coffee eye liner is a gorgeous dark brown and is really creamy and smooth. It hasn't got that red undertone that a lot my other brown eye liners have. Not good for staying power but works wonderfully for a smoky eye or smudged along the lash line

E.L.F mineral line swatches
1 cool coral lipstick, 2 fierce lip gloss, 3 elegant eye shadow, 4 eye primer and blended, 5 coffee eye liner
What's your favourite product from E.L.F's mineral line?


  1. I think the lip gloss and the eye shadow look lovely! xxx

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  3. Cool Coral has loads of glitter in it, it also looks like granny lipstick. I was majorly disappointed when I got it in the post, but its good that someone can conjure up some positives about it.


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