Dirty Works Travel To Go Set

The perfect little set from Dirty Works for taking away on holiday, whether it be a short city break or a beach getaway. Each bottle is 100ml which is a really generous size considering the normal sized bottles are 200ml-350ml. A great way to try out the products and scents.

Bare Necessity Body Lotion - This is quite a light moisturiser, definitely better suited to summer, but still hydrates the skin just as well as a thicker one would. The light consistency means it soaks in really fast and no greasy residue is left behind. This lotion smells of cocoa butter and is really lovely!

Think Of England Bath Soak - This is a floral bubble bath which creates a surprising amount of bubbles while only using a little bit of product. I think I got about 6 or 8 baths out of this bottle which I think is quite good! I find nice bubble baths are quite hard to find so I'll definitely be buying the full version of this.

All Of A Lather Body Wash - This body wash is more of a gel consistency which I prefer. I think it easier to lather when using my hands or a bath lily. This one smells like lemon grass. Each has a different scent but they all work well together.

This little set will only cost you £4.99 (or £3.32 at the moment) which is a bargain!
Dirty works products seem to be on sale on the Sainsburys website, not sure if this is in the shops as well. If you know leave a comment!


  1. oooo I'm going the way at the end of August so this would be great for me to get to take with me :) Thanks for posting about! :) I will have to have a browse on sainsburys website :)


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