Boudoir Prive August Box

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I didn't get on so well with Glossybox so cancelled my subscription in the end. I found out about Boudoir Prive from Fee and decided to subscribe and see how it compared.

A similar shade of pink but the box actually opens differently. Instead, the lid is magnetized instead of a box. Inside is a little personalized card and a little leaflet about all the products. This includes how to use the products and prices. It also has little "give me to a friend" tokens so they can get their first box half price. If anyone wants one of mine I'm happy to email the code to you, just leave a comment.

So in the August box you get 6 samples, one of each: bodycare, make-up, hair care, lifestyle and skin care.
I haven't tried any of these brands or products before!

Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter - This smells great, reminds me of shampoo and conditioner. Quite unusual for a body butter but I like it. A large sized sample of this too.

Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner - This looks a small sample but as it's a mascara base it'll last a long time. Haven't tried a product like this before so intrigued in how it'll work.

Sachajuan Hair Repair - I really like trying out new deep conditioners and treatments. I think this is a full sized product. Not so keen on the scent but I'm still going to give it a go.

Bloom Green Tea & White Tea Duo - I love green tea and haven't tried white tea, especially full leaf teas.

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream - Think I might pass this expensive little treat to my mum.

Etat Libre D'orange Like This & Rien perumes - Like This reminds me of a perfume my mum either has or used to have, really nice and warm. Rien on the other hand, I really don't like. Bit of a old women scent I'm afraid.

Over all I'm quite impressed with this months box and am excited to see what's in Septembers box. For only £10 it's a perfect way to try out new products and brands that you may not have heard of or tried before.


  1. That looks like a nice little box.

  2. Oh wow that sounds great :)
    And that box has some awesome items in it. I may have to subscribe and check it out myself :)
    I agree, what a great way to find out about new products.
    The purelash extender and conditioner sounds interesting :)


  3. This looks good :) Looking forward to receiving mine now! xx

  4. i got the same products as you, im really pleased with mine its a good selection isnt it.x

  5. Ooh this actually looks really nice! I'd love to pinch one of those tokens from you if im not too late!!


  6. Ooooh I had never even heard of this but it looks awesome, I would love to take one of those tokens off your hands please if possible :) Stay classy xx

  7. I've not received mine yet and have been eager to know what we would receive! (i don't like surprises!) so thank you for posting about it. I can't wait now x

  8. @Temporary Secretary, I don't like surprises either haha :) xx

  9. Oohh the box itself sounds pretty fancy, and the products look pretty good :) I never tried Glossybox and am quite interested in Boudoir Prive! xxx

  10. great post - this looks amazing! such lovely packaging, definitely going to subscribe :) would love a code if you have any left please! xx

  11. Hello, After checking my funds available I can't see me ordering one for a little while, you sent me a promo code, I haven't used it so was just letting you know in case you wanted to give someone else the code, as to not waste it :) Thanks again sweety xox

  12. No problem Helen, thanks for letting me know :) xx

  13. enjoyed reading your impressions of the August Boudoir Prive box. I had a very similar reaction to Rien. You may also be interested in my facebook page Beauty Box Swaps.

  14. Hello! thanks for the review, would love a code if you still have one?


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