31 August 2011

Week In Photos 049

week in photos 049 09 week in photos 049 01 week in photos 049 10 week in photos 049 11 week in photos 049 08 week in photos 049 07 week in photos 049 06 week in photos 049 05 week in photos 049 04 week in photos 049 03 week in photos 049 02

001 Didn't take as many photos as I wanted to while I was away last week. I was worked a 37 hour week gardening, picking fruit and vegetables, cleaning, laundry, cooking and more. As well as movie nights, bonfires and a pizza party. It was a really great week, met loads of nice people and had a pretty relaxing time despite working each day.
002 I'm definitely going to go back and volunteer some time, hopefully sooner than later!
003 The 6 hour train journey to get to Axminster certainly wasn't fun! I had to make two changes so didn't want to fall asleep in case I missed my stop. Was exhausted when I eventually got home.
004 I was glad to be back in Liverpool until the moment I stepped into the house Monday evening and began sneezing like crazy again due to hey fever. The sneezing hasn't stopped yet and it's Wednesday today. It better stop soon! My hey fever hasn't been this bad for at least 5 years as the tablets I take usually work.

30 August 2011

OPI DS Extravagance - NOTD

NOTD OPI DS Extravagance nail polish NOTD OPI DS Extravagance nail polish 02 NOTD OPI DS Extravagance nail polish 03 NOTD OPI DS Extravagance nail polish 04 NOTD OPI DS Extravagance nail polish 05

Definitely in my top 10 favourite nail polishes! It's so pretty and finally I was able to take photos of how it looks in real life. Last time I tried the true colour just wasn't showing in the photos. I only have the mini bottle but will be buying the full size once I finish it. Also made me want to try some other polishes from the designer series.

23 August 2011

OPI Princesses Rule! - NOTD

Princesses Rule! is from the OPI Princess Charming collection but it came in a limited edition set, From Lites To Darks.  I really love this colour and am thinking I might try and track down a full sized bottle. It's a pink with pink and green shimmer. It's really sheer, this is with 2 coats and you can still see the tips of my nails. I personally don't mind this but it also looks great over other colours.

21 August 2011

Week In Photos 048

week in photos 048 05 week in photos 048 04 week in photos 048 03 week in photos 048 02 week in photos 048 01
001 This week has been rather productive! I've cleaned and tidied the house, done the laundry, packed for next week and even made a pair of trousers. No photo evidence though apart from the cat sitting in a cardboard box.

002 Tomorrow I am heading down south for a week of volunteering. I'm going to Monkton Wyld to help out with a theatre family week and the up keep of the building and grounds. I haven't been here since I was 11 (now 21!) but as a family we used to go every year, sometimes even twice since I was 4. I have such great memories of the place, especially the tree swing. It's such a great place, even at a young age all the kids where just let loose to do as they wanted. We made candles, lanterns, milked the cows and so much more. This is what started walking around in bare foot and probably the cause of my dry feet now.
I didn't mind not going aboard each year as I absolutely loved coming here. I remember when we first used to get there each year and feeling really shy that I didn't know any of the kids. But then 5 minutes later we were all best friends, running around screaming and having so much fun.

003 I've added in some photos from when I was younger at Monkton, I can't find any others though. Will have to dig them up! In the tree one with all the kids, I'm the one with my back to the camera! My hair is probably the same length in this photo as it is now, crazy!
If I have kids, I can't wait to bring them here each year!

004 I'm away Monday to Monday so I won't be here to check comments or reply to emails but will do when I get back. I've scheduled some NOTD's for the week as they're pretty easy to do in advance. I would have loved to have some guests posts but I just didn't have the time to have organised it. I only found out I was volunteering two weeks ago!

What have you been up to this week?

20 August 2011

Leopard Nails - NOTD

NOTD leopard nails rimmel sunny side models own wah nail art pen top turquoise polish

Not 100% happy with how it turned out but it was my first try! The colours are inspired by Tor's version which you can see here.

I've used Rimmel Sunny Side as the base, Models Own Top Turquoise for the spots and Models Own Wah Nails pen for the lines. I was hoping Sunny Side was going to be a better version of their Apricot Punch nail polish but it isn't. I love the gold flecks in it but even after 3 coats it still isn't opaque.
I also really need to buy myself a new top coat, my seche vite and OPI rapi-dry have both dried up. Any recommendations?

19 August 2011

Aussie Summer Party Pack Winners

aussie summer pack giveaway 05
So the winners of the Aussie summer party pack are:

Well done! And thanks everyone for entering, I loved reading all your reasons to celebrate and I just wish I could send you all a party pack. I'll be having some more giveaways soon so be on the look out.

Ladies, I've emailed you so if you haven't already replied please do :)

18 August 2011

August Glossy Box

august glossy box 02 august glossy box 03 august glossy box 04 august glossy box 05 august glossy box 06 August Glossy box 01

I'm actually quite impressed with this months Glossy Box, I haven't tried any of the brands before. You get one hair product, one skin product, one body product, one make-up product and one nails.

KMS Hair Stay Style Boost -  I think this is a product that will either be loved or hated. It comes out as a freezing cold foam, then crackles into a liquid. It says it makes styles last 3 times longer and gives natural movement and bounce to your hair.

Rebel Nails - I haven't got round to trying the stick on nail polish trend yet. Although these are meant for toes I'm going to use them on my hands. My toenails are so tiny it seems such a waste! I wouldn't have gone for this particular design if I was buying them myself but I'm excited to give them a go.

Daniel Sandler Baby Jet Mascara - The brush is tiny! It's like Clinique's Bottom Lash mascara. Will be taking this away with me next to test it out.

Ahava Deadsea Water Body Lotion - A really good sized sample! I've heard a lot about Ahava from the Birch Boxes so interested to see how this works.

Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser - Really like the scent of this, it smells a bit like lemons and another good sized sample. Unfortunately I can't use it as I have really sensitive skin and this seems like it'll be way too harsh.

Are you getting this months box? What do you think about it?

17 August 2011

MUA Professional Eyeshadow Trio

MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box pink sorbet innocence

Ever since MUA released their new Professional products I've read a lot of reviews about the Heaven & Earth palette but I haven't heard anything about the eyeshadow trio's. I thought I'd show them a bit of love as they're really great.

From first glance, they look exactly like the Bourjois trio's. I haven't tried these so I can't compare them any further than that though. These MUA one's only cost £2.50 compared to Bourjois' £7.99. Bargain!

I have three of the more neutral set's. There's a blue set, purple set, green set and a smoky set as well.
MUA professional eyeshadow trio innocence
MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box
Chocolate Box
MUA professional eyeshadow trio pink sobet
Pink Sorbet
Out of the three I have, all of the eye shadows are shimmery. Not glitter though and I haven't noticed any fall out. They're soft and creamy, blend well and are just nice to apply. Not what I expected considering the price! Innocence is the perfect trio for traveling. You have a highlight, lid colour and crease colour in one palette.  When I first looked at Pink Sorbet (I ordered online) I was a bit unsure if I'd like it. I don't normally do pink eye shadow. The two bottom colours are actually more champagne than pink when swatched. The perfect highlight or all over lid colour.

MUA professional eyeshadow trio chocolate box pink sorbet innocence swatches
Swatches l-r: Innocence, Chocolate Box, Pink Sorbet
Have you tried these yet?

16 August 2011

Liz Earle Eye Bright

liz earle eye bright lotion

Despite raving about Liz Earle's Eye Bright* so many times on my blog, I still haven't written a proper review on it. And I have no idea why.

I use this as my eye make-up remover every day and it has featured in many monthly favourites posts. It hasn't really got a scent so this won't irritate and if you do get it in your eyes, it doesn't sting at all. There is no oily residue left over either. I simply pour some onto a cotton wool pad and place it on my eyes for about 20 seconds. I can then wipe away gently and all my eye make-up has gone.

When my eyes are feeling sore from hey fever I also use this as a treatment. I simply poor some onto 2 cotton wool pads and place on my eyes for 10 minutes. It makes such a difference and is really soothing. There's no need to wash it off afterwards unlike other treatments.

Eye Bright also comes in a mini bottle (£4.85) which is perfect for travelling or trying out the product for the first time. Quick tip - if you have a mini bottle, top it up with the full size when it's empty and use this bottle every day. I find it's easier to control the amount of product I use therefore it lasts me longer.

The 150ml bottle costs £9.70 which I know some may find expensive but for me it is worth it. Before this I hadn't found a single eye make-up remover that I liked. I've gone through about 6 bottles of this so far which I never usually do.

Liz Earle are currently having a great offer on Eye Bright. When you buy the Daily Eye Repair (10ml) and the Smoothing Line Serum (10ml), you'll receive a full sized Eye Bright. You'll save about £10! Perfect if you already use all 3 products or simply want to try them out.

P.S Do you prefer pr samples to be disclosed? Let me know! If you do, from now on I'll mark anything sent for review consideration with a *.

15 August 2011

Happy Aussie-versary! & Giveaway! - CLOSED

aussie summer pack giveaway 05 aussie summer pack giveaway 04 aussie summer pack giveaway 03 aussie summer pack giveaway 02 aussie summer pack giveaway

Aussie are celebrating their anniversary with limited edition packing which you can see in the top photo. They also want you to be involved in their celebrations! Aussie are offering 7 of my readers a summer party pack! This will include a product of your choice from any of the Aussie-versary Limited Edition ranges below. (I'd recommend any of the 3MM's)

Take The Heat range – shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, heat-protection cream, heat-protection spray – For beautifully blow-dried hair wrap these products around your locks.
Miracle Moist – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM – These heavenly products infuse moisture into dry damaged hair, leaving hair quenched, luscious, smooth and conditioned faster than you can say ‘shine on me’.
Luscious Long – Shampoo, conditioner, 3MM, leave-in conditioner – Blended with wonderful lovelies like Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, these products help transform weak, distressed hair into luscious locks.
It's really easy to enter, if you have something to celebrate write it in the comments! It can be anything, something small or big. You can also write a blog post, just remember to link me to it in the comments. If your email isn't on your blog, leave it in your comment. Also don't forget to say which product you'd like.
The giveaway will end 12pm Friday 19th August. Winners will be picked via random.org and notified by email the same day.
Good Luck!
P.S Just a few rules:

1.    This competition is open to the Aussie Angels online communities

2.    Winners must be UK Mainland residents and aged 18 years or over

3.    Winners of the giveaway are to be chosen by Aussie Angels
4.    To enter, community members must write a blog post, OR comment on an Angels’ Giveaway blog post, stating how they qualify for a Summer Party pack
5.    To qualify for winning the Summer party pack, they must have something to celebrate (there are no restrictions on their reasons for celebration)
6.    Selection criteria: Each Aussie Angel will select their own 7 community member winners. Selection is entirely at each Angels discretion
7.    The Promoter will not be liable for applications not received, incomplete, delayed or damaged. Last date for receipt of entries is Friday 19 August 2011
8.    There will be up to 7 winners per Aussie Angel
9.    Winners must be chosen and notified in writing, by the Angels, by Tuesday 23 August 2011
10. The Angels must also notify Aussie, in writing, who they have chosen, by Tuesday 23 August 2011
11. A list of the prize winners will be available on www.uncoveraussie.co.uk after this date.
12. The prizes are as stated and cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. There is no cash alternative.  Only one prize per household.  No bulk or third party entries accepted
13. Summer Party packs will be sent by Aussie, and all delivery costs covered by Aussie
14. By entering this competition, entrants agree to be bound by the rules and by any other requirements set out in the promotional material.
PROMOTER: Procter & Gamble UK, Weybridge, Surrey, KT13 OX

Acorelle Tea Garden Body Mist

mypure acorelle tea garden body mist perfume
Acorelle call this a body mist which is similar to eau de toilette. Eau Fraiche has a lighter composition than its counterpart Eau De Parfum, making it light enough to reapply throughout the day. I have a sample of the eau de parfum version and the scent is just as strong but it just lasts longer.

Tea Garden is described as Family : Hesperidium Tea

Top notes : lemon, lavender, bergamot, mint

Middle notes : iris, violet, cumin

Base notes : patchouli, gaiac wood

It's a really light perfume, one that would be worn through out spring and summer. It's definitely a day time scent. This also means that it can applied through the day without being too in your face.

It also reminds me a lot of Liz Earle's perfume. They are both very floral with lavender, bergamot, patchouli and wood. A great dupe if you're looking for something a bit cheaper, this being only £19.99.

With this body mist being only 30ml, it's a great bag perfume. As it doesn't last too long, it would be perfect for layering on top of the perfume.

You can read my review of other Acorelle perfumes here.

14 August 2011

Week In Photos 047

week in photos 047 02 week in photos 047 01

001 What a strange and long week it's been! I'm glad to see the weekend!

002 Made some pink lemonade yesterday for the first time. Never made lemonade before but it was surprisingly easy. Don't know why I thought it would be complicated. 1 1/4 cups of sugar dissolved in one cup of water, mix with 1 cup of lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and 1 cup of cranberry juice. Then dilute in 3 cups of water. Chill and drink. So nice! Just wish the weather would have been nice then it would have been perfect.

003 Today has been a surprisingly productive day! I've tidied my bedroom and other rooms in the house, done all the dishes and washing. Now spending a few hours watching teen wolf.

004 Excited that I've only got a week till I go away volunteering! I'm only going down south but I haven't been there for about 10 years! I'm packing my wellies, just hope I don't need them!

What have you been up to this week?

P.S The two winners of the Lovefilm gift cards are Jade and Sophie, I've emailed you both :)

13 August 2011

Boudoir Prive August Box

boudoir prive august box 04 boudoir prive august box 03 boudoir prive august box 02 boudoir prive august box 01
I didn't get on so well with Glossybox so cancelled my subscription in the end. I found out about Boudoir Prive from Fee and decided to subscribe and see how it compared.

A similar shade of pink but the box actually opens differently. Instead, the lid is magnetized instead of a box. Inside is a little personalized card and a little leaflet about all the products. This includes how to use the products and prices. It also has little "give me to a friend" tokens so they can get their first box half price. If anyone wants one of mine I'm happy to email the code to you, just leave a comment.

So in the August box you get 6 samples, one of each: bodycare, make-up, hair care, lifestyle and skin care.
I haven't tried any of these brands or products before!

Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter - This smells great, reminds me of shampoo and conditioner. Quite unusual for a body butter but I like it. A large sized sample of this too.

Jane Iredale PureLash Extender and Conditioner - This looks a small sample but as it's a mascara base it'll last a long time. Haven't tried a product like this before so intrigued in how it'll work.

Sachajuan Hair Repair - I really like trying out new deep conditioners and treatments. I think this is a full sized product. Not so keen on the scent but I'm still going to give it a go.

Bloom Green Tea & White Tea Duo - I love green tea and haven't tried white tea, especially full leaf teas.

Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream - Think I might pass this expensive little treat to my mum.

Etat Libre D'orange Like This & Rien perumes - Like This reminds me of a perfume my mum either has or used to have, really nice and warm. Rien on the other hand, I really don't like. Bit of a old women scent I'm afraid.

Over all I'm quite impressed with this months box and am excited to see what's in Septembers box. For only £10 it's a perfect way to try out new products and brands that you may not have heard of or tried before.


12 August 2011

OPI Do You Lilac It? - NOTD

One of the first OPI's I ever bought. It does dry darker than the bottle which is a bit annoying but it's still an old favourite. One thick coat is enough but I prefer two thin coats, this makes nail polishes last better on me.

What was the first OPI nail polish you bought? (If you've bought an OPI before that is)
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