Week In Photos 044

001 Tuesday was a busy day starting with the opening of Museum of Liverpool. As I said in my last Week In Photos post I had a ticket to the breakfast morning before it was open to the public. It was a good morning but the first floor isn't open yet which seemed a bit silly to open the whole building before it wasn't really finished. Guess that happens a lot. Inside it was a lot smaller than expected. I did like the Guggenheim-esque stair case though!

002 My mum, along with some Embroiders Guilders, have a piece of work up. Hers is in the middle column and forth down. They're all world war postcards based on everyone's family stories.

003 After the museum opening me and mum went to see the Magritte exhibition in the Tate. Magritte is a favourite of mine and used his work as inspiration for one of my A Level projects on dreams. It's a great exhibition so if you're in Liverpool definitely go and have a look. It is pricey to get in if you don't have a Tate card but worth it in my opinion.

004 After the Tate we went to see Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows part 2. I really enjoyed it and it was much better than part 1. In the evening we then went to see Horrible Bosses as I'd got 3 free tickets. It was a great laugh, similar to the Hangover, obviously not as good, but still a great film. I'm thinking they'll probably make a second one.

005 Thursday was my brothers graduation! This was his third one!(luckily only the second I'd been to) And has officially become a Dr by completing his PHD. After the ceremony we all went to host for an amazing meal with surprise cupcakes the following day.

Blog I love: Afeitar, A new blog find written by a fellow Liverpudlian. From reading her blog I'm not taking a trip to Manchester next weekend and am going to Walrus for some food.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. These photos are brilliant! I would love to go to Liverpool, never been before and I hear it#s a great place xxx

  2. @Amy, you should definitely visit some time, it's great for tourists! SO much to do! I'd recommend going up to the top of the Anglican Cathedral, the views are breathtaking :) xxx


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