Week In Photos 043

001 Came home from work on Monday to find half my water bottle had leaked and my little camera was sitting at the bottom of it! Along with my password which now needs replacing! Had the camera sitting in rice for the rest of the week. It is working but doesn't sound too good! Think I'll just have to see how it goes, really don't want to be buying a new one as I only got this one about 2 months ago.

002 Finally got my make-up storage how I wanted it. For the time being anyway! If I had the money I'd have all Muji storage but I don't at the moment. I bought two pieces though while I was in London for my lipsticks and other lip products which I really like. I've found that I'm using them more rather than just sticking with the same colour each day.

003 Been doing a lot of nail art and painting my nails this week which I haven't done for a long time. You can see my posts here, here and here.

004 I'm off to Brouhaha tonight, hopefully you'll see some photos of it next week!
What have you been up to this week?


  1. I saw a Gadget Show episode about drying out mobiles after they got wet and they found a method that worked!

    Hope one of these work!

  2. I probably should have put my laptop in rice when I spilled water over it although i'd probably need a lot of rice haha!
    I love your storage, I really want to replace mine with either muji or some wooden drawers as my WH Smith drawers have started to collapse!

  3. Oh no! Could you claim it on your house insurance? xxx

  4. @Katy, thanks for the link! :) xx

  5. @Caz, haha you'd probably need like 10 bags of rice for your laptop! :) xx

  6. @Lauren, We've tried but not insured for accidental I don't think :) xx

  7. That sucks about your camera! I've never heard of that rice technique before..
    Ugh I love that Muji shop, the first time I went in I was in such awe! I love everything being in its own place.


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