OPI Teenage Dream - NOTD

This was an absolute nightmare to take off! Even though it looked nice I'm never using it on it's own again without a nail polish underneath.


  1. omg it took me forever and ever to get this nail polish off, such a shame as such a beautiful glitter polish but a pain in the bloody arse. Love ya blog btw xxx

  2. Glitter polish is a NIGHTMARE to take off. I did a blog post on how to remove it easily a while back :)

    Soak cotton wall in polish remover (or cut up a little pad) and wrap it over your nail in tin foil. Leave for 10 mins and it will literally wipe off clean :)

    try it :)

    laura xx

  3. That's soo pretty! I love O.P.I and I MUST buy some soon! xxx

  4. Lol it does look lovely but I can imagine the horror of trying to remove it!! Found you via Ceriselle's blogger map :0 x

  5. This is soooo gorgeous!! I hate glitter polish for the removal though, it's awful :( xxx


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