Liz Earle Summer Must Haves

These two products are my summer must haves and have been perfect for the past few weeks as the weather's been a lot warmer. Not so good today though, it's been non stop raining here! Just wished I had these two when I went to Venice!

Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer: This can be used on the face as a toner or all over the body as a refresher. I usually use the later as I don't tend to tone my face. It does work really well though and makes your skin feel much nicer and actually adds an extra bit of moisture.
It has such a gorgeous floral scent which adds to the soothing-ness and refreshment. It isn't overly floral though and dries down to a lovely natural scent with a tiny hint of rose.
You can get this toner in so many different sizes: 200ml bottle for £11.75, 200ml spritzer for £12.00, 50ml bottle for £4.85 and finally 30ml spritzer for £4.85.
What I'm going to do is buy the 200ml bottle once I've finished this one and just top up this bottle. It works out cheaper but you can still use the large spray bottle. I'm also going to buy the mini spritzer and do the same thing but I can fit it in my bag.
I'd recommend the spritzer rather than the bottle as you use less therefore the product last you longer, even if you're going to use it on your face.

Foot Spritzer: This has a really strong peppermint scent with a hint of rosemary, one I'd say smell before you buy if you're unsure if you'll like. I personally love it! I spray this on my feet whenever they're feeling too hot of if I've been out walking all day.
I don't find it dries out my feet and it keeps them feeling soft. You can also spray this on your legs and ankles if they're feeling too hot as well.
This only comes in one size, 75ml for £7.15 but is small enough to fit in your handbag if you want to carry it round with you.
My only gripe with this one is the actually spray part. Mine is white which doesn't really go with the rest of the packaging. It would look so much better if it matched like the toner does. Only a small thing which wouldn't effect me buying it again.

Have you tried these two?


  1. I've not tried any liz earle products yet - I keep meaning to but I'm never sure what to pick up first as so many of their products are meant to be good :)
    gorgeous review!! x

  2. @Radiant makeup, my favourite two products out of everything I've tried is the cleanse & polish and the eye bright so I'd recommend them two first. Also the little try-me kits are great :) xx


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