H&M Make-Up

I've always been interested to try H&M's nail polishes but just never got round to it as none of the colours really stood out to me. Until I went in the other day. Looks Great On You is such a unique colour, in this photo it looks orange but it's more of a dirty-rusty orange. I just hope it stays this colour once dry.

I've never seen these two polishes with the fancy lids before, have you? there were only these two colours, Sea Pearl and Blue Wave. You can see the gorgeous shimmer in the photo below. These are both very sheer so are more suited as top coats.

I've wanted to try a pastel yellow polish for ages and this mini bottle was only 90p. The formula is a bit streaky but I can still see if I like the colour.

I've tried one of H&M's eye shadow quads before but the pigmentation wasn't so great. It looks like they're improved the formula and all 4 of these colours are really pigmented. It's called Gives Me That Special Glow, can't have too many neutrals?!

I picked up this lipgloss duo purely because the shimmer was really pretty, they're actually pretty pigmented! It's called Queen of Peach, there were other colours but they looked a bit boring compared to these two. They smell great as well.

So all in all really impressed with H&M's make-up despite it being a clothes shop and each item is fairly cheap.


  1. I really wanna try some h&m nail polish!

    I've never seen them in my local shop :(

  2. I never knew H&M did make up - that seems to have past me by. Love the orange shade of their nail varnish though.


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