E.L.F Studio Line

Here's what I bought from the Studio line, I find this one to be quite hit or miss with the products. Some are great and others not so much.

Pebble eye shadow is the perfect all over lid colour but it definitely needs a primer underneath. It's going to work great as an eye liner too for a more natural look. I love the packaging for this too although the mini mirror is a bit useless.

The lip conditioner is such a gorgeous colour and is surprisingly pigmented, definitely one of my favourites from this order. I think the packaging could have been designed better, it's too bulky. It also reminds me of the Mac lip conditioner in Petting Pink which I've recently bought.

These eye liner and shadow sticks are one of my favourite products from E.L.F, I'd really recommend them! I already have the neutral one so went with these two, midnight blue and plum purple as they're quite different to the other liners I have. They're really creamy and extremely pigmented. £3.50 is a bargain for these! I'm hoping to have them all at some point.

I'm not so keen on the primer and liner sealer. The primer is too orange for my skin tone and hard to blend out. The brush for the seal just doesn't work. Wouldn't recommend.

Miami lip gloss is a really nice colour and I surprisingly like the gold sparkle it has. I also really like the minty scent but it's a bit too sticky for me to use on an every day basis, I wouldn't buy any other shades.

I bought the 2 in 1 gloss as a bit of fun, I've never tried a product like this before. Once again it's very sticky but the colour is quite unusual. It reminds me a bit of Nars' Nana lip gloss.

1 pebble eye shadow with primer and without, 2 mellow melon lip conditioner, 3 shadow stick and liner in blue midnight, 4 primer, 5 Miami minty lipgloss, 6 shadow stick and liner in purple plum, 7 2 in 1 gloss in plumtastic separate and mixed

What's your favourite product from the E.L.F studio line?


  1. Those shadow sticks look gorgeous :) xx

  2. lovely purchases! i'm jelous! xx

  3. I love e.l.f ever since I bought some of their stuff from your blog sale. I will have to try some of that stuff, especially the miami lip gloss I think. It all looks lovely. ;) x


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