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I ordered quite a few products the other week when E.L.F were having the 50% off all products. I'm going to be splitting them up into the 3 different posts: original line, mineral and studio. I only ordered a few products from the original £1.50 line, mostly brushes which I might do a separate post on.

The liquid eye shadow in Sulty Satin is really great and is an exact dupe of Alva's liquid eye shadow in pale almond which I've reviewed here. The pigmentation and staying power really surprised me and it's a great base for other shadows. It does need a primer underneath though as it does crease throughout the day if worn alone. It's a perfect every colour. I just wish we could buy E.L.F from an actual shop as I'd like to see what the other colours look like before buying.

top: Strawberry, bottom: Raspberry.
I'm really impressed with the luscious liquid lipsticks, they smell minty and are really pigmented. I've wanted to try these since Gemma mentioned them. Really glad I chose these two colours as they're great everyday colours.

1: Liquid eye shadow, 2: Raspberry liquid lipstick, 3: Strawberry liquid lipstick.

What's your favourite product from the original line?


  1. I like the look of the lip colours! I recently did a haul from Elf too (reviews on my blog), I find their products very hit and miss though. Apparently in the US, Elf sell in Target stores, so maybe they might move into a physical store over here, it's sometimes a pain shopping online for make-up x


  2. @Evelyn, yeah I find it quite hit or miss too, usually the face products for me just don't work :) x


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