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001 Started making my summer smoothies, definitely one of my favourite drinks when it’s hot.

002 It was so strange to go back into work on Wednesday after a week and a half on holiday. It felt like my first day again! Thursday was an Alternative Ascot event at work which was so much fun to work. All the ladies (and a few men) wore amazing outfits and hats! These are just the room set up before everyone arrived. I didn’t have time to take any when it was full.

003 Saturday,  as in yesterday, was my 21st! It was such a good weekend, some of my family and brother came up from London on Friday. Saturday was spent opening presents, going shopping and have a meal out.

004 I finally got a bonsai tree! This was one of my presents from my parents, I’ve been wanting one for ages but just never bought one. Love it!

005 I bought this lovely frame on Saturday from TKMaxx and added these to cards from my cousin that she gave me for my birthday. They go perfectly together and I love the key.

006 My birthday cake was 21 cupcakes from The Little Cake That Could, a friend from works company, which tasted as amazing as they look! The website isn’t up yet but you can see some of her cakes on flickr.

007 Saturday night we all went out to eat at a restaurant in the city centre which was also amazing! I had salt and pepper tofu, mushrooms & noodles, sweet potato dumplings and corn fitters. These are the onion bhaji which my cousin ordered, they just looked incredible! For desert I had chocolate and peanut butter torte, one of the nicest deserts I’ve had in a long time! To say I was full is an understatement! We all still managed to have a cupcake when we got home though …

008 One of my aunties sent me this singing/sparkler/flame/candle thing which we lit despite not having a proper cake. The middle part was a bit of a disappointment but it was still really fun to do. Anyone else had one of these?

Blog I love: Gh0stParties. This is a new discovery that I made on Tuesday, not sure how I came across her blog but I don’t know why I hadn’t read it before, love it.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. looks like an amazing food weekend!!

  2. Wow all of that food just looks amazing and delicious! Belated birthday wishes! x

  3. Happy Birthday for yesterday! Those cupcakes look so yummy!xx


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