Week In Photos 039

001 Only one photo this week as I’ve either posted them the other day or am saving them for the next few posts.
002 If you didn’t already know, I’ve been in Venice this week and flying back home tomorrow morning. The thunder storms have been seriously amazing, I just wished I could have caught them on film or in photos. I’ve only seen them like this once in the UK. They were so close and you could see the forks of lightening right in front of you. Definitely my favourite type of weather along with snow. With the thunderstorms came torrential rain! Luckily though it would only last about an hour and then the weather would clear up and it would be boiling hot for the rest of the day.
003 Surprisingly I haven’t taken many food photos!  The ice creams, or Gelato, have been amazing especially the yoghurt and melon! Wish there was somewhere you could get ice cream like this at home. On our island we’ve found a great pizza place which is only about 5 minutes away and do the best vegetarian pizza. I’d also recommend Zucci if  you’re vegetarian and going to Venice, we went twice.
004 I haven’t taken my DSLR round with me much, I just can’t be bothered carry it round in the heat. Instead I’ve been using my little Nikon and the quality has really surprised me. It’s not great for close ups but for going round Venice it’s been great.
005 We found a stray cat on our Island that is the spit of our one at home, only female. I really did want to take it home!
006 So that’s my little Venice up date and I’ll be doing some more posts when I get back tomorrow. Two more days off and then I’m back to work! Not long till my birthday though :D

Blog I love: Laura at Big City Dreams.

What have you been up to this week?

p.s I'll be announcing my Sigma brush winner when I get back tomorrow, get your comments in now for a chance to win.


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