V05 Miracle Concentrate

This is one of my sneaky purchases I made whilst still on project 20 pan, but one I've wanted to try since it first came about in the blogging world. It was Vivianna's post that finally made me buy it, you can read that here. Like Vivianna, I've been wanting to try Moroccan oil out for absolutely ages but haven't want to pay the price for it. I bought this hoping it would work in a similar way and if I finished this then perhaps I'd look into buying Moroccan oil.

I like that it has a little pipette, it's the perfect way of dispensing and oil. You can control how much you want to use easily. I find I tend to use more than I first expected but I guess I do have very long hair. This may be because my hair is so dry and it just soaks up all the product it can. I don't apply this anywhere near the roots but it doesn't make the rest of my hair feel or look oily. I apply this to both wet and dry hair. There isn't any build up if I use it each day either, I tend to put it on when I wake up to try and tame any frizz from sleeping.

I like the smell, it's quite floral but doesn't overwhelm any perfume I apply. I can't smell it a few hours after applying which I like. I'm not one for having my hair smell of products, I just like to smell of my perfume.

Let me know how you've gotten on with it if you have this!


  1. I really really want to try this out, but can't find it anywhere! :-( I've heard its really good though, so I'll continue hunting for it! :)

    P.S. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out :) xx

  2. @Hannah, oh that's a shame! Hope you get to buy it soon :) xx

  3. I really like how the dispenser gives you a lot of control over how much product you apply. I only use a tiny amount but it has helped to keep my hair looking relatively normal with all the rain we've had lately! x

  4. I have this and LOVE it! My hair is super soft, I can't stop touching it! xxx

  5. i've been dying to try out the moroccan oil but it is reli overpriced will have to see if i can find this vo5 version somewhere! xx p.s brill blog im following check out mine?


  6. I really want to try this now! Moroccan oil is so darn expensive. I've been doing almond oil masks sometimes too--also pretty cheap!


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