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venice buysYSL Parisienne 03

I didn’t buy much from Venice, I still have all my souvenirs from going 5 years ago. The only thing I wanted was a little cheap and tacky figure to go with my others from Barcelona, New York, Paris and Zante. I went for a Gondola! I also fell in love with these bookmarks and post card. We bought 6 others to put in a frame for the hall. I think I’m going to frame the post card too.

My main buy was a bottle of YSL Parisienne. I bought the 30ml a few weeks ago and I’ve gone through it like crazy! I went for the 90ml which I’ll keep at home and then I’ll carry what’s left of the small one in my bag. Definitely won of my favourite scents! I’ve also ordered another perfume which I’ll share when it arrives. A little early Birthday treat.


  1. Nice blog!!! Invite me :** + FOLLOW??

  2. The gondola is so sweet if a little tacky :P
    I had a sample of that perfume a while ago, it's gorgeous, glad you treated yourself!

  3. @Jessica, haha tacky it is! :) xx


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