George Make-Up Part 1

I haven’t tried any George Make-up before, only the nail polishes which I really like. I won these in Lauren’s giveaway and I’ve just realised I’ve missed out the mascara but I haven’t tried it yet so I’ll probably write a review on it’s own when I do. I only know prices for two items via Fee’s blog as I couldn’t find these on the website, I’ll update next time I go to Asda.

I’ve decided to split the reviews into two parts so it’s not too long! Part 1 will be the cheek products:

As you can see we have some products which are obviously “inspired” by other companies: Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Nars and YSL. I do have to say though that the packaging for the majority of the products really impressed me and much better than I expected. Especially the shimmer brick and concealer.

So the first product is called Shimmer Me! no.3 Halo which I believe is £3. All 5 shades are shimmery and pigmented so work perfect for eye shadow. On their own they work great as highlighters and blush/bronzer but mixed together they become a bit muddy looking.

I was quite disappointed with the packaging of the Cheeky Tint!, it leaks quite easily so not one I’ll be carrying around with me or take travelling. The concept is comparable to Benefit’s Benetint but the colour is different which you can see below.  This one is 01 Rose.

1 – cheeky tint heavily, 2 – cheeky tint blended, 3 – benetint heavily, 4 – benetint blended.

As you can see Benetint is a purple-pink and cheeky tint is a red. I’m actually pleased with this as I now have two different shades or tints rather than two of the same. Cheeky tint is very watery but dries quickly so you have to blend fast. I really don’t like the brush, it’s really scratchy and the scent is horrible. This is one that I wouldn’t recommend. I think you can get much better cheap tints from other brands.

The High Lite! stick is obviously inspired by the Nar’s multiple which I haven’t actually tried so can’t compare. I have the shade 01 Angel Cake, I’m not how many shades are available, again I’m going to have a look next time I’m in Asda. It’s a gorgeous colour with amazing gold glitter but this doesn’t transfer when you apply it. Once you blend it in it the colour just disappears and your left with glitter. Not sure if this happens to the others but this could have been an amazing product for only £5.

The next lot of reviews will be up on Thursday!


  1. These products do look very "inspired" by more expensive brands although it's a shame if they don't perform too well. The tint looks like a nice colour, I didn't realise Benefit was so pink-toned. x

  2. Wow they look so slick and stylish for a supermarket range! Love the packing very much, I haven't seen it myself as I don't unfortunately have an ASDA near me but they look like they would be more then worth giving a go!

  3. @lilylipstick, I know I didn't either, it certainly does have a pink tone but I would have said it was more of a rose colour :) xxx

  4. @Rachel, I know I was really impressed with the packaging :) xxx

  5. These look fab - I shall definitely have to have a nosey next time I'm in Asda - I have the nars multiples and I'm very interested to see how these compare (shall maybe review them)! Great post hun! X


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