30 June 2011

June Favourites

Not too many products in this months favourites post, I seem to be using the same things each month. These are all fairly new products that I bought though.

YSL Parisienne Perfume - I was going through my little bottle so quickly I bought this 90ml bottle in duty free when I went to Venice. I still love it as much as when I first bought it and is my daily scent.

Alterna Caviar Hair Spray - This was from the first glossy box and I've really been enjoying using it. I'm not sure about the anti-aging claims but it makes my hair feel nice and look more tamed.

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume - This has become one of my favourite perfumes of all time! Whenever I wear it I get people asking what it is. It also lasts a really long time too. Once again I've bought the small bottle but can already tell I'm going to get through this so quickly.

Mac Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink - I really love the smell of Mac lip products, they're so nice! I haven't had this long but I've been using it everyday since I got it so thought it still deserved a place in this post. It's such a nice natural colour and keeps my lips feeling and looking soft.

Mac Creme Cup Lipstick - Another one that I haven't had long but have worn every day. I can tell I'm going to get through this quickly and I think it's started a bit of an obsession for Mac lipsticks. I have quite a long list already!

What are your June Favourites?

29 June 2011

A'Kin Pure Man Orange, Ginseng And Spice Shower Gel

mypure akin man shower gel

The main scent in this shower gel is the spices and ginger but isn't overly manly. Definitely a unisex scent which I really like. It is more suited to autumn and winter though. The scent also reminds me of one of Lush's products, I'm thinking it could be the little gingerbread house that came out last Christmas.

The shower gel is free from paraben's and sulfate which is always a bonus and can be used on on hair and the body. It creates a really luxurious lather, more creamy than bubbles which I prefer. I really like the packaging too, reminds me of the men's products from Liz Earle.

It is £9.49 for 150ml and I'm definitely going to be buying it again. You can read more about it here.

28 June 2011

Week In Photos 041

week in photos 041 25
week in photos 041 24
week in photos 041 20
week in photos 041 19
week in photos 041 23
week in photos 041 21
week in photos 041 15
week in photos 041 14
week in photos 041 22
week in photos 041 02
week in photos 041 16
week in photos 041 05
week in photos 041 18
week in photos 041 17
week in photos 041 13
week in photos 041 09
week in photos 041 08
week in photos 041 03
week in photos 041 07
week in photos 041 06
week in photos 041 10
week in photos 041 12
week in photos 041 11
week in photos 041 04

001 This week has been pretty boring, it was my first full week back in work since coming home from Venice. To say I was tired was an understatement! Friday evening though I hopped onto a train to London to see the family, do a bit of sight seeing and go to the Aussie event.

002 Saturday day was the Aussie Lusciously lighter event which was so much fun! It was held in Sunbeam Studios which was the perfect setting. I got to meet so many bloggers I haven't met before, catch up with those I haven't seen for ages and discovered lots of new blogs to read. There was a photo shoot set up, hair stylists to the side, champagne tasting and a candy floss machine!

003 Saturday evening was spent being the "adult" at my cousins garden party for her birthday. Luckily no one threw up, the house wasn't trashed and the police weren't called. Definitely made me feel old though!

004 I originally planned to go to some art galleries on Sunday but it was boiling! The weather was way too nice to be indoors, think it was about 30°. Instead I walked around Covent Gardens which I've never actually been to before, no idea why.

005 I had a bit of a macaroon weekend, I had some in my goodie bag and then a giant one from Euston. I had planned to try and find Laduree in convent garden but didn't have a map with me. What do I find when I walk up the road to Covent Gardens, but Laduree! Pure coincidence! I bought an orange blossom and cherry & almond macaroon which were amazing.

006 The train home wasn't so great, my first train was delayed so I missed my second train and had to wait in Crewe for an hour. Not what I wanted when it was so hot out.

What have you been up to this week?

Alva Foot Care Balm

I have extremely dry skin on the soles of my feet which is down to me walking around in bare feet as much as possible. If I could walk round in bare feet 24/7 I would! Don't know what it is but I just find it so comfy, probably why I wear flip flops so much in the summer. I've been like this since I was a kid.

After using this for a month I'm still not sure if I like it or not though. I've been putting it on each night before bed as it's quite oily and takes awhile to soak in. I usually put some socks on if I'm going to be walking around the house. Some days I could still feel the oiliness when I woke up. Yes it works well at moisturising my feet and they're not as dry as they were at the start of June. But I feel like any other moisturiser, even if it was only £1, would have still done the same job.  I have really thick dry skin on my heel, from said above, and it didn't perform miracles which I was kind of expecting. Maybe I was expecting to much out of it?

For me £12.30 is too expensive for a little tub that only lasted me the month.  Let me know how you've gotten on with this if you've tried it!

23 June 2011

V05 Miracle Concentrate

This is one of my sneaky purchases I made whilst still on project 20 pan, but one I've wanted to try since it first came about in the blogging world. It was Vivianna's post that finally made me buy it, you can read that here. Like Vivianna, I've been wanting to try Moroccan oil out for absolutely ages but haven't want to pay the price for it. I bought this hoping it would work in a similar way and if I finished this then perhaps I'd look into buying Moroccan oil.

I like that it has a little pipette, it's the perfect way of dispensing and oil. You can control how much you want to use easily. I find I tend to use more than I first expected but I guess I do have very long hair. This may be because my hair is so dry and it just soaks up all the product it can. I don't apply this anywhere near the roots but it doesn't make the rest of my hair feel or look oily. I apply this to both wet and dry hair. There isn't any build up if I use it each day either, I tend to put it on when I wake up to try and tame any frizz from sleeping.

I like the smell, it's quite floral but doesn't overwhelm any perfume I apply. I can't smell it a few hours after applying which I like. I'm not one for having my hair smell of products, I just like to smell of my perfume.

Let me know how you've gotten on with it if you have this!

21 June 2011

Project 20 Pan Update: 18 Down, 2 To Go

P20P update 6

I feel like I haven’t done a P20P update for ages! I actually managed to finish these while on holiday, I hoped to finish more products and make my suitcase lighter but that didn’t happen.

Waterfall Spa Heaven On Earth Foot Soak – It’s nice as a foot soak but not amazing. It’s nice as a shower gel but not amazing. A so-so product that is definitely not worth £12.00.

A’Kin Pure Rose Hydrating Mist – I love this hydrating mist, I use it either as a light moisturiser or to refresh during the day. Going to buy another one once I finish my Liz Earle version. You can read my full review here.

What have you finished recently?


20 June 2011

A Holiday Life Saver

When I’m travelling I always want to be able to paint and remove my nail polish but I never want to carry a bottle of remover with me or pack it in my suitcase. I sometimes do pack it, luckily it’s never leaked, but I hate taking the risk. For some reason I’ve never thought to buy nail polish remover pads before now. I bought these the day before I was leaving in a mad rush to the shops to buy things we had forgotten. I think they’re around £2.50 but I know Boots do a cheaper alternative, they were just out of stock.

quickies nail polish remover pads 02quickies nail polish remover pads

They work just as well as normal nail polish remover, just without the mess. They also don’t smell horrible at all, almost a fruity scent which is really nice. I’m not sure how long it would take for them to dry out and become un-useable as I’ve only had them for a week. I’ve kept most of the foil on to try and keep them for longer. The only thing I don’t like about them is that they leave your hands and nails really oily. This is easily solved my using soap but can get a bit annoying.

Have you tried these before?


19 June 2011

Week In Photos 040

week in photos 040 07 week in photos 040 10 week in photos 040 09 week in photos 040 01 week in photos 040 05 week in photos 040 04 week in photos 040 03 week in photos 040 02 week in photos 040 12 week in photos 040 11 week in photos 040 13 week in photos 040 06 week in photos 040 08

001 Started making my summer smoothies, definitely one of my favourite drinks when it’s hot.

002 It was so strange to go back into work on Wednesday after a week and a half on holiday. It felt like my first day again! Thursday was an Alternative Ascot event at work which was so much fun to work. All the ladies (and a few men) wore amazing outfits and hats! These are just the room set up before everyone arrived. I didn’t have time to take any when it was full.

003 Saturday,  as in yesterday, was my 21st! It was such a good weekend, some of my family and brother came up from London on Friday. Saturday was spent opening presents, going shopping and have a meal out.

004 I finally got a bonsai tree! This was one of my presents from my parents, I’ve been wanting one for ages but just never bought one. Love it!

005 I bought this lovely frame on Saturday from TKMaxx and added these to cards from my cousin that she gave me for my birthday. They go perfectly together and I love the key.

006 My birthday cake was 21 cupcakes from The Little Cake That Could, a friend from works company, which tasted as amazing as they look! The website isn’t up yet but you can see some of her cakes on flickr.

007 Saturday night we all went out to eat at a restaurant in the city centre which was also amazing! I had salt and pepper tofu, mushrooms & noodles, sweet potato dumplings and corn fitters. These are the onion bhaji which my cousin ordered, they just looked incredible! For desert I had chocolate and peanut butter torte, one of the nicest deserts I’ve had in a long time! To say I was full is an understatement! We all still managed to have a cupcake when we got home though …

008 One of my aunties sent me this singing/sparkler/flame/candle thing which we lit despite not having a proper cake. The middle part was a bit of a disappointment but it was still really fun to do. Anyone else had one of these?

Blog I love: Gh0stParties. This is a new discovery that I made on Tuesday, not sure how I came across her blog but I don’t know why I hadn’t read it before, love it.

What have you been up to this week?


17 June 2011

Holiday Buys

venice buysYSL Parisienne 03

I didn’t buy much from Venice, I still have all my souvenirs from going 5 years ago. The only thing I wanted was a little cheap and tacky figure to go with my others from Barcelona, New York, Paris and Zante. I went for a Gondola! I also fell in love with these bookmarks and post card. We bought 6 others to put in a frame for the hall. I think I’m going to frame the post card too.

My main buy was a bottle of YSL Parisienne. I bought the 30ml a few weeks ago and I’ve gone through it like crazy! I went for the 90ml which I’ll keep at home and then I’ll carry what’s left of the small one in my bag. Definitely won of my favourite scents! I’ve also ordered another perfume which I’ll share when it arrives. A little early Birthday treat.


16 June 2011

Venice Part 3

venice 40venice 55 venice 54venice 53venice 52venice 51venice 50venice 49venice 48venice 47venice 46venice 45venice 44venice 43venice 42venice 41

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