29 May 2011

Week In Photos 037

001 Tuesday afternoon I attempted to make macaroons using Milly’s recipe. They don’t look as good as hers do but they worked so much better than I thought they would and tasted really nice too. I really wanted to make pinks ones but we didn’t have any food colouring. If I make them again I think I’ll try adding a bit of nutella to the butter cream middle. 
002 I love reading and always have the maximum amount of library books allowed on loan as well as carrying my kindle around with me. I go through phases though where I don’t feel like reading and last month or so I haven’t read a single book. I’m back though and am making my way through my library books so I can get another batch out.
003 The latest book I’ve read is The Rescue which made me cry like a baby! I loved it though. Nicholas Sparks has to be my favourite author, I get completely lost in his books and the characters are always easy to relate to. Each book has a sad part towards the end but it’s always a happy ending. I love that several of them have been turned into films so you can see the characters come to life more.
004 This morning I went to a local car boot and found this amazing Lush gift set for only £5. It hadn’t been opened and normally costs £35!
005 I’m so excited for June! I only have 4 days left in work then I’m going on holiday for a week, then running Alternative Ascot event at work, then my 21st Birthday and then at the end of the month I’m going down to London for an Aussie event and to see family and do a bit of shopping.
What have you been up to this week?


  1. I really enjoy reading your Week in Photos's posts! I might read some Nicholas Sparks books this summer... and I'm also really excited for June (it's my birthday month as well)!

  2. Totally envious of your Lush bargain! x

  3. ooh i made pink macaroons once, they came out well and were divine! x

  4. Lovely post! Only £5 for the Lush gift set? Jealous! Take me to London with youuuuuuuuuu haha :/ Hope you have a nice time. :) xoxo

  5. @Nowhere follies, thank you :) xxx

  6. @Evelyn, glad I picked it up! :) xxx

  7. @Sophie, I've never actually had them before making them :) xxx

  8. @Laura, haha if you get on a plane I'll let you come to London :D xxx


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