Week In Photos 036

001 The church around the corner from my house is currently being demolished. I think they’re planning on building houses/flats but I’m not sure. It’s really sad as it’s my friends church and her and her family have been going there for as long as I’ve known her, which is 21 years! It’s amazing how quickly a building can be destroyed Vs how long it takes to build.
002 Another trip to Ikea, definitely my favourite shop. I go in thinking I won’t buy anything but I always do. This time I bought a lovely purple plant and a pink blanket which was on sale.
003 Apologies for random posting, I’ve been exhausted this weekend and basically spent the two days in bed so I wasn’t able to take photos and get some posts written for this week. Hopefully I’ll do some after work tomorrow. I’m also thinking of starting going to the gym, just have to find out which is cheapest.
What have you been up to?


  1. Always sad seeing things that hold a lot of memories being destroyed. :/
    Love Ikea, wish there was one closer to me! Need to catch up on your blogggggggg! xxx

  2. @Laura, I need to catch up on everyones blogs! Never seem to have any time anymore :( xxx


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