Week In Photos 035

001 I have to admit, all these photos are from today. I lost my camera charger and only found it this morning!
002 I’ve decided to give up dairy in the hope it clears my skin up a bit. I did this around August last year and it helped so hoping it helps again. Not the hugest fan of soya milk but thinking the more I drink it the more I’ll like it?
003 Started tidying my bedroom today and the light bulb went. For some reason whenever this happens I always put off changing the bulb, instead I just switch all my lamps on and wait a few days to change it. Anyone else do this? It’s probably just me :)
004 I’ve been exhausted today, pretty much spent the whole day watching CSI New York, season 7. Connect the laptop to the tv so I could watch it normal size. Love being able to do this.
005 I managed to catch the last 20 minutes of #bbloggers on twitter which was started by Fee (MakeUpSavvy). If you don’t know what this is then have a read of Fee’s post explaining everything. It was so interesting to read everyone's opinions. I didn’t say anything as it was hard enough to keep up with the conversation. Looking forward to the next one!
what have you been up to this week?


  1. I try to avoid milk as well and I don't much care for the taste of soy milk. It's OK when I dilute it though! I don't mind it like that with cereal.

  2. omg thats me!!! lilladylife! hehehehe

  3. @Prettyinthedesert, I just had soya milk in my cereal and hated it! Hoping I'll find another brand I like better otherwise I'll be having no milk! :) xxx

  4. Yeah, I know what you mean. I like the Silk soy milk and I just mix it 50-50 with water. It really makes it easier to tolerate because soy milk is a lot heavier than milk. It's easier to trick myself into thinking I'm actually having regular milk! haha :)

  5. Ooh I'm on there too! :)
    Katy - seen you helped Louise get a blog post back - don't suppose you have any ideas on how retrieve missing pages...? :S xx


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