Week In Photos 034


001 I haven’t taken many photos this week and didn’t take any at all last week, that’s why there wasn’t a Week In Photos post last week.
002 Ms Wedgie sent me this drawing of an otter on twitter the other day. I love it! Definitely need to draw my own version and one that represents my blog.
003 I won Lauren’s amazing birthday giveaway and my prizes have been coming in through the post this week. Can’t wait to try everything out properly. I’ve got one of the Rimmel nail polishes on at the moment and the OPI on my toes.
004 I made veggie sushi and gyoza Saturday night and it actually turned out ok! I made the dumpling dough from scratch and amazingly it worked! I've only ever made pizza dough a few times so definitely could have gone wrong. If you’re interested in a recipe post I can do one :)

What have you been up to this week?


  1. veggie sushi?! yes pleaseeeee!!

  2. That otter pic still make me smile every time I see it! Put a bow tie and top hat on any animal and it instantly becomes hilarious! lol :)

  3. Yay! so glad your prizes got there safe. Your cat is adorable!!! xxx

  4. @Rachel, I'll write a post then! :) xxx

  5. @Ms wedgie, haha still love it! :) xxx

  6. @Lauren, I wore the socks yesterday and fell asleep in them. When I woke up my feet were on fire they were so hot, at least they work haha :) xxx

  7. The otter pic is amazing, I love gyoza yummiest food ever! x

  8. @Laura, haha it is isn't it! :) xxx


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