Tangle Teezer

One of my favourite buys in a long time is the tangle teezer, As my hair grows longer it gets more knotty and tangles really easily and I hate brushing it out if I’ve had it up in a messy bun. I used to use either a large paddle brush or a wide tooth comb but they didn’t work too great. But now I only use the tangle teezer to brush through my hair.

I went for the hot pink and I love it. I bought mine from ASOS for I think £10. They don’t seem to have it anymore, only this compact styler. It is amazing at de-tangling hair and works great on both dry or wet hair. As it’s plastic it’ll dry really quickly if you use it in the shower. I also found I was pulling less hair out when using the tangle teezer which is obviously great. The only downside for is that I have really small hands so it doesn’t sit as comfortably in my hands as I think it would for others. I can get over this though as it works wonders.
If you’re thinking of getting on I’d really recommend it! I really like the glittery ones too …


  1. I think I need one of these in my life. My hair gets so knotty and I hate how normal combs and brushes pull at it. x

  2. I have the purple glittery one, I absolutely love it! I hate using normal brushes now as they seem so rough on my poor head :( I have pretty small hands too so I find it flies out my hand if I'm using it quickly :')


  3. I use this everyday its fab isnt it. I would be lost without it now xx

  4. @Lilylipstick, definitely need to get one! :) xxx

  5. @Jessica, ooh I like that one! :) xxx


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