Review: Lush Supernova bath ballistic

Lush describes this as “Celebrate bath-time with cocktails for one and a ticker tape parade. When they celebrate in New York, people throw handfuls of paper down into the street. Supernova is a party explosion in your tub. It has one of our favourite fragrances, which crops up every now and again in our celebratory bath and shower products. If it smells like a Buck’s Fizz with a splash of cognac, that’s because it’s got refreshing oranges and genuine cognac oil to make it smell like a posh cocktail. Smatterings of fluorescent bubble mixture give it a frothy topping with splashes of bright pink. The paper takes a bit of clearing up afterwards, but it’s definitely fun while it lasts.”
What I think: This is one of their ballistics that fizzes away slowly releasing little bits of paper confetti. They make the bath look pretty but  they don’t stick to me whilst I was in the bath or when I got out which was a great relief. Despite it being a pretty pink colour the water didn’t particularly change, there was just a slight pinkness to it. I don’t hate the smell but it’s not one of my favourites, it’s a bit meh. You can smell the bucks fizz and cognac but it isn’t as nice as Christmas Party from this years Christmas collection. I’d say it was one of the more moisturising ballistics, I could really feel a difference in my skin after I got out the bath.

Price:  £2.95

Re-buy? I like the moisturising factor but wasn’t so keen on the smell so I don’t think so.


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