Project 20 Pan: 11 Down, 9 To Go

Ok so I’m just over half way through and am in dire need of buying some beauty products! I think this next half is going to be hard as a lot of the products I’ve finished were on their last legs.

Yarden Dead Sea Shampoo – I bought this about a year and half ago when my scalp was acting up and my eczema was really bad. No other shampoos worked and it was really hard trying to find a cheap SLS free shampoo so I bought this. It smells vile! And yes I did smell it in the shop and still bought it. It worked really well though and with some eczema cream my scalp cleared up. I only had a few washes left out of this and forced myself to finish it as I could just see it sitting in my bathroom for years. I will only re-purchase if my scalp ever flares up again like it did.
Lemon and Peppermint Shower Gel – I’m not sure what brand this is as it was a gift but I really like it. I’ve been using it to refresh my feet each night when I get in which has so far stopped my eczema on my feet flaring up with all this lovely weather we’ve been having. The lemon and peppermint surprisingly go really well together. If anyone knows what brand this is let me know! I really want to buy another bottle.
Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Scrub – I had a mini tub and loved it and bought the large tub once it had ran out. The first time I used it I hated it! I’m not sure if they’re changed the formula but it leaves my skin feeling horrible and greasy. Not what I want, it makes me feel like I need to take another bath as I feel really dirty. I hate throwing basically full products away so I’ve been using it as a foot scrub. I didn’t notice the oily-ness on my feet which was a good thing. I love the smell but I definitely won’t be purchasing this again.
Perfume Samples – I’m counting these perfume samples as one. Wasn’t too bothered about any of them so wont be purchasing. Liz Earle is in there somewhere which I definitely will be buying soon.
What products have you finished recently?


  1. i love everything soap & glory!
    just to let you know you were following me over at sweet as pie before i closed the blog. now i'm starting it again. visit me at...

  2. I just did a review of flake away myself and I had the same problem. I found it worked better on smaller areas like feet and hands. I'm trying to finish 20 products too but it's taking ages!

  3. @Sophie, all the other products I've tried from S&G I've really liked but really don't like this scrub :) xxx

  4. @Skin scrubs, Yeah I found that too! :) xxx


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