My Spring And Summer Perfume Of Choice

I know you don’t buy a perfume for the outer packaging but I must say this one does put me off a bit! To me it looks cheap and tacky compared to the perfume bottle inside and the brand itself. It would have worked so much better if it actually looked like it was meant to go with the perfume bottle itself.

That aside, this is one of my favourite perfumes of all time! I went out and tried it in Debenhams after Vivianna raved about it in her videos and on her blog. I’ve never actually smelt it before but fell in love straight away. It works well for all seasons and lasts a serious amount of time. I could still smell it on the sample ribbon 5 days after spraying it. The same goes for my clothes.
I really can’t describe it but it changes and evolves the longer you wear it. Here’s what say:
  • Heart notes
    Damas Rose, Violet, Peony
  • Top notes
    Cranberry, Blackberry
  • Base notes
    Vetyver, Patchouli, Musk, Sandalwood
  • Scent
    Woody Floral
Do you like YSL Parisienne? What’s your summer scent?


  1. This is one of my favourite perfumes! I sorta understand what you mean about the bottle, It looks a little old grannish doesn't it? xx

  2. @Abbie, I actually really like the bottle, I meant the cardboard box but didn't really make that very clear :) xx

  3. mmm i really need a perfume like that!

    also, just a quickie, how did you do your blog banner titley thing? :D xxx

  4. @Sophie, I used photoshop to do it, coloured the backbround this peach colour and then made it the size I wanted, can't remember exactly but think it was 1200x500px and then picked a font and typed my blog name. Hope that helps :) xxx

  5. thank you! hehe, shame i don't have photoshop! :D xxx

  6. @Sophie, you could easily do something on paint :) xxx

  7. Love this perfume! I live by Gucci Rush!

    You have a great blog! Please check mine out and if you like what im doing then feel free to follow me or comment! I'd really appreciate the support! xx


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