My Mac Palettes

So I have two Mac palettes, one which is neutrals and pinks which actually looks incredibly dull in the photo, I love it though and it’s certainly my most used. The second contains brighter and darker colours. They’re not all Mac though, I have a mix of depotted NYX, coastal scents and The Body Shop. I also have three spaces so if you have any recommendations let me know!

Top row: The Body Shop eye shimmer 02, White Frost dupe, NYX Barely There, Mac Dazzlelight, Gleam Dupe
Middle row: Nylon dupe, Mac Bisque, Creme Royal dupe, Quarry dupe, Soft Brown dupe
Bottom row: Naked Lunch dupe, Phloof dupe, Mac Et Tu Bouquet?, Mac Sweet Lust, Mac Girlie

Top row: Mac Goldmine, Carbon dupe, Expensive Pink dupe, Sable dupe
Middle row: NYX champagne, Patina dupe, Blackberry dupe, unknown colour
Bottom row: Amber Lights dupe, Beauty Marked dupe, NYX Root Beer, unknown colour
If you’ve done a post about your Mac palettes leave the link in a comment!


  1. Oohh so many nice shadows! XO

  2. Could you tell us the names of the dupes.. Which brand and color?


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