Lush Retro Happy Bubble Bar

“If you're having trouble lifting the corners of your mouth into a smile, sink into a delightfully fragrant blue bath covered in mounds of fluffy bubbles. With refreshing tangerine, neroli and orange blossom, your smile is bound to return. Sandalwood oil not only helps to rehydrate and soothe the skin, it's also very, very relaxing, helps you calm your anxiety and makes you feel lovely all over. So if you're feeling down, best take a Happy Bubble bath and feel much better.”
My final Lush retro review from my order a few months ago. I’ve really enjoyed trying new bubble bars and bath bombs, I’ll have to make another order soon. Sometimes the normal Lush products can get a bit samey.
I wasn’t overly keen on the bright blue bath water, wasn’t very relaxing but I loved the scent. I think I got about 4 baths out of it so about the average amount. Once again great amount of bubbles and I didn’t find it hard to break up.
Have you tried this one?


  1. mmm i love lush but haven't tried this one yet. i love the comforter and a few others likeee pop in the bath too :)

  2. @Sophie, oh I love them too :) xxx

  3. Are you supposed to break up bubble bars, or is that just hat people do to make them stretch further?

  4. @Rachel, I break them up, I find that a whole bar either makes too many bubbles for the bath or it makes the normal amount so it's a bit of a waste. It also means you get more for your money :) xxx


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