05 May 2011

Glossy Box

Finally we have a Birch box equivalent for the UK, Glossy Box. You pay £10 for your box which is sent out each month. Each box will contain 5 deluxe sized samples and you can even earn glossy dots to redeem against future boxes.

For anyone who is beauty obsessed and loves to try out new products this is the perfect solution. Unfortunately May’s box is now sold out but if you sign up  you will get one in June. For those of you who managed to buy your box before this then there’s a rumour going round that the first one is going to contain Nars. I have a post coming up soon about my first Nars product so I’m really hoping this rumour is going to be true.

£10 per month is £120 per year is a lot of money so I’m not sure if how long I will be getting the boxes for. Maybe until I get over the hype or can’t afford it, I don’t know but I can’t wait for the first box to arrive!

You can read more about Glossy Box here.



  1. I'll be getting one of these too! Can't wait either! :)

  2. @Get gawjus, oohh yay! :) xxx

  3. @Essie, SO excited :D xxx

  4. Yep, just bought it, hahaha.
    That was a mad dash to my credit card!

  5. @Essie, oh yay! Glad I posted this then :) xxx

  6. I bought this just before they sold out of the May box. Cant wait for it to arrive.


  7. @Jenny, wonder what we'll get in it :) xxx

  8. Yay! I'm so glad that UK girls now have access to a Birchbox equivalent.

  9. @Mckinseyann, yeah it's great! :) xxx


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