Favourite Five: Lip Glosses

Once again I’m pleasantly surprised that they’re all pretty different. I actually prefer lip sticks to lip glosses but for some reason it was really hard to pick these 5. I have a couple of Revlon and Barry M that I love as well but though I’d stick to the 5.

l-r: Revlon peach petal, Illamasqua torture, Illamasqua lily-rose, Barry M coral, Benefit fresh squeezed.
Peach petal is my only nude lip gloss and this one is actually opaque so the colour you see in the tube is what you’ll get in your lips. Actually pretty much all of these 5 are like this apart from the Barry M. The revlon lip glosses are a little bit sticky which I don’t really mind as it means they last longer.
These two Illamasqua lip glosses are actually my first products from the brand, I bought them from the ASOS sale though so they were much cheaper than normal. Torture is an amazing colour, it’s so bright and orange! I have a Barry M one which is similar but much cheaper. Lily-Rose looks red in the tube but actually comes off as bright raspberry pink.These two are the sheer lip glosses, I can’t begin to imagine how opaque the full colour ones are. I don’t like the applicator on these so I usually use my finger.
Coral is not a coral, on the website it looks orange and in real life it’s a pink. It’s a lovely colour and has an amazing formula which isn’t at all sticky. It almost feels moisturising. Out of the 5 it’s the one with the least pigmentation but it’s not a clear gloss.
Fresh squeezed’s formula is my least favourite but I love the colour. It’s a pink grapefruit sort of colour and is really opaque. This is the only gloss with shimmer and probably one of the few that I actually like. I don’t like shimmer or glitter in my lip products. It’s almost like it’s gritty, I don’t know if that’s the shimmer or just the formula but it would stop me from buying another one of these lip glosses though.


  1. Goregous colours :)



  2. I prefer lipsticks as well! Love your gloss choices :)

  3. Such pretty colours, I really love the Revlon one! xo

  4. @Jo, they seem less fuss than lip glosses :) xxx

  5. @Jennie, surprisingly it's my only nude lip gloss :) xxx


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