April Favourites

Lovea Moisturising Body Milk – Since the weather’s been warmer I’ve started using a lighter moisturiser. I wouldn’t call this a milk though, more a lotion. You can read my full review here.

Avon Advance Technique Mirror Shine Spray – I’ve had this for such a long time, I used to use it when I straightened my hair but haven’t so much since leaving it to dry naturally. I’ve dug it out though in the hope of using it up for P20P but I’ve actually fallen back in love with it. When I wake up I spray this through out my hair and it leaves it really shiny and more polished. I’m not sure if they still sell it, I’ve had a look on the website but can’t find it.

VO5 Sea Salt Spray and Aussie Leave-in Conditioner – These are the two products I’ve been using on my hair for the past month. I spray them both through out my hair when wet. I then either leave my hair to air dry or give it a quick blast with the hair dryer. Both give the same effect just depends what time of day I wash my hair. The salt spray enhances my natural wave/curl and the leave-in conditioner keeps my hair feeling soft and healthy.

Mac Quad – These aren’t all Mac shadows, think only one is, the rest are from my coastal scents neutral palette that I depotted. This is what I’ve used every day for this month and I love it.

OPI Rapidry Top Coat – I haven’t found a top coat that doesn’t chip/peel off the day after it is applied. This includes higher end brands such as OPI and Seche Vite. This mini bottle has actually worked, it makes my nail polish dry super quick and doesn’t peel off the next day. I still think top coats are over rated but I have been liking this one.

MUA Lipstick In 4 – This is the lipstick I’ve been wearing every day this month. It’s really sheer but adds a nice natural pink sheen to the lips. It’s also really glossy. A great lipstick for only £1.

Nivea Essential Care Lip Balm – This has been my day time lip balm, it’s a great base for lipstick as well as keeping my lips looking nice.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser – This is my night time lip balm, it reminds me of a cream for the lips. Not one to be wearing during the day and it’s leaves a white cast on the lips.

What are your April favourites?


  1. That Blistex balm was my winter lip savior! It really helped my chapped lips.

  2. @Prettyinthedesert, it's great isn't it :) xxx


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