Week In Photos 032

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001 Amazing yellow fields whilst driving along the motorway. This reminds me of France, I must go back sometime.

002 How I spent Good Friday: Ikea. Seriously, this is my favourite shop. Ever. I can’t wait to have my own car so I don’t have to depend on others driving me to Ikea. 

003 This amazing car was pulling out of the car park just as we were driving in, had to get a photo. We’ve actually seen it in the Ikea car park before, how strange.

004 Stopped for breakfast as we’d gotten there just as it was opening. I went for the lovely unhealthy option of rocky road cheesecake. I have just given up chocolate for lent after all.

005 They’ve brought back the wooden drawer sets, they’re slightly different and smaller but still great. Another excuse for my make-up collection to grow.

006 I also finally got my hands on the cath kidston-esque duvet set along with this amazing cushion for my chair at work and some other bits and bobs, A great trip to Ikea.

007 And finally my Easter egg which has already been ate. Happy Easter! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and enjoys another day off work tomorrow.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Really want to get some Wooden Drawers; I think a trip to Ikea is definitely in order! I have the WHSmith ones but they're starting to collapse so the Ikea ones would be perfect :)
    Love your photos xx

  2. @Caz, definitely get some, they'll last for ages and you can paint/decorate them to go with your room, they're great :) xxx

  3. how much was the duvet/wooden drawers? :)

  4. @Sophie, drawers where £12 and duvet set was £15, that's only a single though, the double was £20 I think :) xxx


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