Week In Photos 030

001 Hasn’t the weather been amazing this week?! We’ve had all the windows open at work and it was lovely to have a meeting outside in the sun. This weather has gotten me excited for Venice in June!

002 I planted a shallot the other week as it already had roots and it’s finally grown out of the ground! Don’t think I’ll be getting any shallots out of it but it’s worth a try. We have a passion flower tree in the garden which hasn’t produced any passion fruit yet :(

003 I’ve added a few things to my blog sale this week, have a look and see if anything interests you :)

004 The cat just chillin in the tree enjoying the sun! He’s not the best at climbing trees though.

005 My bedroom is on the bottom floor so I’ve got a door to the garden which I’ve had open the whole weekend and it’s been great! A pigeon nearly flew in yesterday though.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Oh gosh I was going to say, that's a lot of beauty products you've got there haha! Gonna nip and have a look what's for offer now :) jazzy ♥

  2. @Claire, haha no, I'm on project 10 pan so no spending for more :) xxx

  3. oh the sun does make me happy :)
    I love your new header! xxx

  4. Thanks steph! I was thinking it would just be temporary but I actually really like it :) xxx

  5. Awh your cat =^.^=


  6. @Meowcake, he's the funniest cat I've ever seen :) xxx

  7. Lovely photos! The weather looks & sounds amazing. Haha, i love your cat in the tree! Wish we could open the windows at work, would be quite problematic though as everything would blow all over the place! xo

  8. @Laura, hopefully it'll still be nice when you're over!! haha luckily it hasn't been windy at all so our office isn't a mess :) xxx


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