04 April 2011

Project 10 Pan

I am officially going on project 10 pan and I'm guessing it's going to take a long time to complete. I am going to do a separate one for bath and body products and then one for cosmetics. Wish me good luck, I'm going to need it!
I really need to decrease the amount of bath and body products I have, I want the space in my wardrobe back! Since starting this blog I've always said my make-up collection won't be bigger than what can fit in my ikea drawers and it's nearly full! Some serious shopping my stash needs to happen. I'm not going to even go into my nail polishes ...

With the cosmetics I haven't decided if it's going to be actually finishing a product or just reaching pan, what do you think? 

I am having two exceptions though, the first is Lush's dream cream, it has done my eczema wonders and if I finish it while still on P10P then I will allow myself to buy a new tub. I'm also going to buy 3 things from the Lush Easter collection and that is all. 

Are you on P10P?



  1. I'm on P10, too! Is so hard but since I've started it I bought myself more clothes and accesories so I guess it was a good thing to do!
    Good luck!! :D

  2. @Shopperita, I've done ok so far! Haven't really wanted anything apart from a new perfume :) xxx

  3. I've been thinking about doing Project 10 pan too but since I'm only in the 'thinking' stage, I accidentally bought 3 more products the other day! Ooops!


  4. I'm on p10p! It's hard the first few weeks but I don't even think about buying new make-up now :S I nipped in to Superdrug to pick up a palette for a swap and didn't even look at the other stands! Good luck :)

  5. Good luck with your project!
    I have been doing something similar lately...the only make-up I've bought is a gel liner because my trusty liquid one was running out which I'm proud of but I haven't really used up an awful lot of what I do have. At least I'm saving money though! x

  6. I'm on a spending ban for two months and a P10, P15 or whatever I can muster in that time. Just finished some Molton Brown for men face wash this morning so that's a good start. I'd really like to have a good lot of empties come June.

    It's always good to purge and it feels right with Spring on the horizon.

    Good luck x

  7. @Mewocake, haha I've been thinking about diong it for ages and actually bought 4 polishes just before actually deciding to do it :) xxx

  8. @Lily, yeah I think that's what I'm going to be like, I've only wanted a new perfume and mascara so far so not too bad. I've never been into buying the Mac collections either so :) xxx

  9. @Lily, yeah that's my plan too! If I finish both of my mascaras then I can buy a new one :) xxx

  10. @Skin scrubs, yeah it's great when you actually finish a product, even better if it's make-up as I never do :) xxx


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