March Favourites

No new products for this months favourites post, I’ve been shopping my stash as well as being on project 10 pan for the end of March.

Nina Ricci perfume – This has been my perfume of choice for the past month. I love it as it reminds me of going to New York with my best friend. It’s nearly gone though so I’ll definitely be buying another bottle soon.

Dream cream from Lush – I use this every day and I’m amazed to say I don’t have any eczema flare ups at the moment. This hasn’t been the case for about 2 years now. Definitely a holy grail product for me.

Mac eye shadows – I’ve been using either bisque or dazzlelight (two on the left side) as lid colours and I’ve been loving them. Any other recommendations for when P10P finishes?

17 lipstick in beehive – I’ve been wearing this pretty much everyday this month. It’s perfect for this time of year and is so creamy. Really don’t like the packaging though.

Blistex lip massage – I find beehive can enhance any dry patches on my lips so a layer of this underneath stops that from happening.

Benefit slippin n dippin – I use this underneath my shadows when I went a bit of colour, it’s a lovely peachy gold. You can read more about it here.

Maybelline lash stiletto mascara – I use this mascara on a daily basis as it gives a really natural look which is perfect for work.

E.L.F eyeliner and shadow stick in brown/basic – I’ve been wearing the liner side to define my lashes, it’s less harsh than black so once again is perfect for work.

Benefit eyebright – I actually haven’t used this much since I got it but this month I’ve been wearing it on the waterline to brighten up my eyes.

Urban Decay primer potion – I thought I’d throw this one in, I’ve been loving it since I bought it but I use it everyday so deserves a spot.

What are your favourite products at the moment?


  1. The Nina Ricci perfume looks so cute, love the bottle.
    I've been using Lash Stiletto a lot this month too, really like the brush and have swapped red lips for 17's Balmy Beige in the sunny weather. x

  2. @Lilylipstick, I love the bottle too, the lids broken though so a bit annoying to carry in my bag. oooh I'll have to swatch that lipstick :) xxx

  3. I have the Beehive lippy. It's definitely one of my favourites, and I hope they never discontinue it. It's my go-to colour!

  4. I agree with you about beehive, love the lipstick but hate the packaging!xx

  5. @Holly, I guess it's easy to find since it's bright blue :) xxx

  6. I've been wanting the Nina Ricci perfume for so long, I always try it when I go into a shop that sells it but I never buy it haha. Dream Cream is fab and i've had a little tub for ages and it never goes down!
    Love your favourites :) xx

  7. glad you said you liked the dream cream, i bought it yesterdayy ♥

  8. @Caz, definitely get it, I love it :)On the website you can't buy a little tub anymore so I had to go with a large one, going to last me a long time :) xxx

  9. @Sophie, yay hope you like it :) xxx


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