Lush Frog Prince Ballistic

“Another magical creation by Michelle, Frog Prince is an extremely handsome and regal frog with a pair of vibrantly red and kissable lips. Give him a quick peck, drop him in the tub and wait for your prince to come. Simon’s new fragrance is an aphrodisiac blend with sweet undertones; he used jasmine, neroli and rosewood to create a sensual fragrance for those longing for their prince – or princess – to come. It’s not all about the fragrance with this one, it’s also brimming with cocoa butter and almond oil for a luxuriously moisturising soak.”

I wasn’t too impressed with this one which is unusual for me, there aren’t many Lush products I don’t like. I didn’t like the smell which is probably down to the Jasmine as it really sets my hayfever off. I also wasn’t so sure about relaxing in green water, wasn’t so appealing to me. Once the ballistic has dissolved it reveals your very own prince charming which is a really nice touch.

The red lips are a made out of cocoa butter but they were to small to really make a different to my skin, it would have been better if there were bits of cocoa butter in the green part too.

It was nice to try but if Lush re-promoted this for next years valentines I wouldn’t buy it again.

Have you tried this one?


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