Lush Dirty Springwash Shower Gel

“After a dirty night on the tiles, jolt yourself back to reality with our tingly spearmint shower gel. Springwash is like a dip in a mountain spring, just in time for the weather getting warmer; spearmint and menthol crystals will make your skin feel cool in a hot shower and give it a sweeter scent than peppermint. If you're living in a hard water area, the sodium bicarbonate helps to soften it and give a frothy lather. Your bits will feel fresher in no time.”
Once again I love the scent of this shower gel, I can’t choose a favourite though. The tie has to be this, it’s raining men and olive branch. It’s perfect for a refreshing shower in the morning, this minty shower gel will certainly wake you up.
It lathers up amazingly and works great as a bubble bath. Once again I haven’t tried it as a shampoo but I can see this being great in the mornings and probably make your scalp tingle.
There are a lot of products in the Dirty Springwash range including the shower gel, shaving cream, styling cream, body spray, perfume and tooth tabs.
Have you tried anything from this range?


  1. I haven't yet but I got Sea Vegetable the other day which is AHmazing. I prefer the "cleaner" scents from Lush opposed to the fruity, "yummy" smells. They do the former much better in my opinion - and BIG plus for being a no palm oil brand now too.

  2. @Suki, I haven't tried sea vegetable yet, it's on my list though :) xxx


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