Lusciously Lighter Self 001

For the next round of Aussie activities I chose Lusciously Lighter Self as this year I’ve really tried to eat and drink healthier, de-stress and make better choices etc

So far I’ve de-cluttered my wardrobe, even though it didn’t make too much different, think my wardrobe is a bit like the Narnia one.

I’ve been loving eating healthier meals, this has probably been my favourite bit so far. I’ve started to eat breakfast which is something I haven’t done for about 10 years. Shocking I know but I can’t eat as soon as I wake up, I have to wait at least 2 hours. By the time I get into work though I’m hungry so I can pop down to the cafe and buy some brown toast. I’ve been having a lot of fruit for my lunch so making sure I have at least 5 a day. I’ve been trying new recipes as well and this one is by far my favourite. I’m thinking of doing a whole blog post if you’re interested? I also make sure I have a bottle of water with me at all times and I’ve been drinking like a mad woman with all this summer weather recently.

Exercising has definitely been the hardest, I’m not really a sporty person . I used to be though, I did gymnastics, trampolining, rounder's, netball as well as the normal P.E lessons we had to do. Since leaving school I’ve hardly done any exercise, I think it’s not being part of a group anymore so there isn’t anyone to do it with. I have since bought a couple of exercise DVDs, a yoga mat and some weights and have been either running or walking of an evening/early morning and I’m definitely seeing an improvement. 

Aussie have provided us with a little exercise video for us to use and share with our readers. Let me know if you give it a try! I’ve been doing it before work each morning as it’s really quick.

We’ve also been given a t-shirt to wear while doing these exercises!

I’m thinking next weeks post will be about the meals I’ve been eating and the new recipes I’ve been trying!


  1. This is a great post! I would love to read your recipes because I want to loose weight and I really don't know what to eat! :)

  2. @Shopperita, will definitely do some recipe posts then :) xxx


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