Liz Earle Shampoo & Conditioner: A Mother And Daughter Post

The lovely Liz Earle PR team sent my mother and I a set of the shampoo and conditioner to try each and since it’s mothers day what better day to post it.

I should really have switched the conditioner and shampoo round in this photo, didn’t think at all! Oh well :)
Let’s start off with what my mum thinks of them:
Both of them smell lovely, particularly the shampoo which has a fabulous fresh orange smell. So that was a bonus when hair washing.
The shampoo lathered up very well and I only needed a small amount to wash my hair clean. The conditioner is very thick and creamy, again only a little was needed and it washed out easily and quickly.
I had no skin or scalp irritation from the products and they left my hair lovely and soft to the touch.
The only draw back I found was that they didn’t give as good curl definition to my hair, which is naturally curly, it went a bit frizzy. If I was to use the Liz Earle products regularly then I would have to look at getting a stronger mousse/spray to put on afterwards to keep the curl in.

I (Katy) think it’s really interesting how products work differently for everyone. I didn’t find they made my hair frizzy but they did make the hair at my roots flatter than usual. This for me is a bonus as I prefer how my hair looks this way on an everyday basis. The shampoo and conditioner smell different but they compliment and go together really well. As my mum said you really do only need a tiny bit of each. The conditioner washed out really well and it doesn’t make my hair feel heavy like some conditioners do. And finally I love the packaging and it goes really well with the rest of the Liz Earle products.

There is one shampoo for all hair types and three conditioners: normal, dry or damaged (the one we have) and fine or oily. Both come in either  a 50ml or 200ml tube for £4.10/£7.65. The small tubes are great for travel.


  1. This is a brilliant feature :)

  2. I'm using these at the moment and really love them. They smell beautiful too xx

  3. @Meowcake, thanks! Hopefully they'll be some more like this in the future :) xxx

  4. @Nicolette, love the smell :) xxx


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