Living Nature Eye Liner In Smoulder

I don’t have too many eye liners that aren’t black, I don’t find that I wear them but when I saw this eye liner from Living Nature I knew I had to have it. The packaging is simple and reminds me of Mac’s eye liners.

Smoulder is a dark brown with a hint of green and lots of gold glitter. Unlike many other brown eye liners this isn’t too red toned so will suit more skin tones. The glitter doesn’t show up on the waterline but looks amazing on the lash line and it isn’t chunky glitter either which you can see in the swatch below. The staying power is great and doesn’t budge due to the formula.

For me eye-liners last a long time so £9.99 doesn't seem too much, you can get "drugstore" eyeliners for the same price. Looking from the swatches of the other colours: flax seed, midnight, riverstone, they don't look too interesting compared to smoulder so these might not be worth £10. I'd have to see them in person though.

You can buy them from Mypure and read some more reviews.

This eye liner has definitely made me more interested in different coloured eye liners and those with glitter/shimmer. Have you got any recommendations?

Disclaimer: this was sent for free as part of mypures blogging panel.


  1. I love the colour of this! Where did you pick this up? xx

  2. @Lydia, mypure :) I thought'd I'd written it but obviously haven't, have added a bit about the price now :) xxx

  3. This looks gorgeous. I haven't really got much besides black in terms of eyeliners as well, but would like to branch out.

  4. @Jen, this has definitely made me want to try more, I have the usual blue, green and brown but they're all a bit boring :) xxx

  5. Hi Katy,

    Thanks for this lovely write up of our eyeliner - we love it too! We've got our full make up range on our website if you want to check us out, and feel free to shoot questions our way on

    The LIving Nature Team


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