Favourite Five: Lipsticks

I’m making Favourite Five as a little series, I’ll probably post one every two weeks so they’re spaced out and the series lasts a little longer.

l-r: E.L.F mineral lipstick in nicely nude, 17 lipstick in beehive, Gosh lipstick in darling, Mac lipstick in lady gaga, Revlon lipstick in pink pout
I’m pleasantly surprised that all five are pretty different in colour and formula. 

Nicely nude is probably my least used out of these 5 but definitely a favourite. In the bullet it looks like it’s a pink with gold shimmer but the shimmer isn’t noticeably when on the lips. I really need to get some more of E.L.F’s mineral lipsticks, they’re really pigmented and cheap too.

Beehive has appeared on my blog quite a lot recently. It’s the glossiest lipstick out of these 5 and definitely doesn’t need a lip gloss over the top. This isn’t always a good thing though, it means it wears away quickly and is used up quicker than most lipsticks. As I’ve said previously it will show up any dry patches on the lips but this can be solved with a strong lip balm.

I don’t tend to wear darling on it’s own, I mix it with a brighter lipstick or gloss if I want it toning down for during the day. It also nudes out my lips if I want a lipstick to show up true to the colour.
Lady Gaga is my go-to choice for nights out, I love it so much. It can be worn sheer for during the day and is perfect for the lovely weather we’ve been having. When I finish P20P I think I’m going to go to Mac and splurge on a couple of lipsticks.

Finally pink pout which is the only matte lipstick I own. Despite it being matte I don’t find it drying or highlights any dry patches on my lips. It is a gorgeous rose pink with a slight purple hint to it. It’s great for day or night.

What are your favourite lipsticks of the moment? Any Mac recommendations?


  1. I love beehive (:, pink pout is definitely next on wish list!xx

  2. @Holly, Some more of Revlons matte lipsticks are on my wish list :) xxx

  3. I love all of these too, my fav is beehive, its so wearable and natural! :) xx

  4. Love Beehive, it's one of my go-to natural lipsticks and I've easily gone through four or five of them! Do you find that they tend to melt really easily, though?

    I definitely need to get my hands on MAC's Lady Gaga lipstick, it looks stunning!

  5. @Hannah, I think Gaga has to be my ultimate favourite :) xxx

  6. @Salut sohpie, yes! you can't see the other side of it luckily but it's all smushed from where it melted a little :) xxx

  7. I'm so sad we don't have Boots here, Beehive looks so pretty!

  8. just thought I would compliment you on your photography!
    its a very pleasing image of lipsticks you have there :)
    I'm fed up of badly taken product images


  9. @Gaby, have you tried looking on ebay or other websites? :) xxx

  10. @Milly Cupcake, aww this has made my day! I really try hard with my photos so thanks alot :) xxx


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