Batiste Original Dry Shampoo Vs. Urban Fudge Dry Shampoo

So today I have a comparison of two dry shampoos, Batiste original and Urban Fudge. Lets see who the winner will be!

Design: I don't normally like orange but I actually prefer the Urban Fudge design. To me, the Batiste looks a bit dated. I also prefer how the spray works on UF than B, it's easier to control how much product you use. 1:0 to UF.

How much product: Despite UF being slightly heavier they both contain the same amount of product. 0:0 for this one.

Scent: I really don't like the scent of B, it basically smells like dry shampoo, I don't people knowing I've used dry shampoo because of how my hair smells. B does sell other scents but for this comparison I'm ignoring this factor. UF has an impulse body spray sort of scent which is really nice. 2:0 to UF.

How does it refresh the hair: I find that B actually takes away the grease better than UF which is really surprising. I tend to use more of UF because of this so it'll be used up quicker. Then again I haven't tried another dry shampoo before so I haven't had the comparison. 2:1 to UF

Any volume: UF gives no volume at all so is really only good for refreshing the hair. B is amazing at giving volume and I tend to use it before I curl my hair, it works better than any of the volume products I own. 2:2, it's a draw so far.

Price: B is roughly £2 and UF is £6.99. 3:2 to B!

Where to buy: UF is only available from Superdrug at the moment but B is available from most supermarkets, boots and probably other shops too. 3:2 to B.

Overall thoughts: The score is 3:2 so Batiste is the winner! I do really like the Urban Fudge but I can't justify spending that much on a dry shampoo when Batiste works the same and has the added bonus of volume.

Which is your favourite dry shampoo?


  1. Love the nw blog header Hun- it looks really gorgeous. I totally agree abotu Batistes packaging,there is something so old looking about it. I adore the stuff though- cheap volume! hurrah :)


  2. @Bethany, thank you! It was just temporary while I draw out a new one but I actually like it! Really simple :) xxx

  3. I've tried a lot of expensive ones which work great...but they aren't so fantastic they they warrant a bigger price tag than the ole favourite Batiste! That said though...I've tried the shimmer Batiste dry shampoo today and that stuff is simply vile!

  4. @Ms Wedgie, yeah I've tried one of the other batiste varieties, think it was tropical, and I hated it. Haven't tried a different one since :) xxx


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