Week In Photos 027

001 Spring has finally arrived and the weather has been fabulous. I am stuck in a building all day for work but it's lovely to walk to and from the bus with the sun shining. I've definitely got my wear out of my sunglasses already. We've also got our first flowers in the garden after it looking quite dead over winter.

002 I've become a big fan of tea this week, not the normal at milk to tea though, I still hate that. This is my mug of choice for work, anyone else get one of these years ago? I ordered the little sample boxes of a few teas from Teapigs. For my first order I chose super fruit, lemon grass, green tea and peppermint. Not so keen on the lemon grass but I'm definitely going to order the full size of super fruit and peppermint.

003 Tuesday night my Auntie come up from London as her play was being shown in Fact on the Wednesday along with the director. The play was great and there was a question and answer at the end with a neuroscientist. We could have stayed all day asking questions about how our brains work.If your ever in Liverpool and are a fan of different types of teas definitely have to check out Leaf on Bold street. I chose the blood orange and it was lovely. The food is really nice too.

004 Red nose day on Friday. I don't have any red clothes as the colour doesn't suit me so made the best effort I could and wore red shoes, red scarf and red necklace. Better than nothing hey. On the front of my work building we had Liverpool's largest red nose made up of balloons which were let go at the end of the day. I've also just bought raffle tickets and will hopefully win some amazing cupcakes.

005 Tried to take some photos of the supermoon but it was way too cloudy where I live. There are some amazing ones on Flickr though.

006 Finally bought a yoga mat and some weights after wanting them for months. Will hopefully kick start the 30 day shred.

007 Sorry this is late once again, I wasn't feeling very well Sunday/Monday so didn't get round to writing up this post. Luckily it was just a 48hour thing as I'm feeling much better now.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. I love Teapigs tea, need to try the peppermint one. The supermoon was amazing, shame it was cloudy where you were. x

  2. That tea looks delicious! What is it?

  3. @Lilylipstick, Peppermint is definitely my favourite, going to order some more samples too :) xx

  4. @Jen, it's blood orange :) xx

  5. Love your photos, especially the flower and moon one. Beautiful!


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