Week In Photos 026


001 This week I’ve tried to drink more water, eat healthier and cut down on snacks after reading Victoria’s post about her weight loss. I also ran/jogged for the first time in a few years this week. It felt great and amazingly my knees didn’t hurt during or after. I have quite weak knees due to injuring them playing in the snow and during Duke Of Edinburgh so I haven’t ran since then. I need some good music to listen to while exercising, what do you listen to?

002 I think tulips are one of my favourite flowers, along with peonies. I love daffodils too, they always seem to make the room much brighter and happier. I love flowers despite having really bad hay fever, lilies drive me crazy.

003 Monday was my dads birthday so we had present opening and them my mum and him went out for a meal.

004 We had the birthday cakes on the Tuesday along with finally having pancakes after thinking it was last month. I also decided to give up chocolate for lent as I’ve had way too much of it recently. Having a cafe downstairs in my work and them selling really nice cakes isn't good. So far so good and I haven’t really wanted any chocolate.

005 You can see my Aussie balloon hanging proudly in my bedroom, don’t forget to enter a chance to join the Aussie angel activities. This is my wall for little photo frames and I really want to fill it out so it looks something like this. I have 4 or 5 photos which need frames so a trip to Ikea is needed. By taking this photo I’ve noticed that basically all of the frames are wonky, I never noticed this before and they’ve all now been straightened.

006 Thursday was my day off since I worked Sunday so I went along to a little art exhibition event thing. Last year my mum and her friend ran lots of workshops with different community groups across Liverpool. This is one of the pieces which is either going to have glass covering it or is being hung on the wall in the community centre.

007 Trying to fit as many sweets on my cupcake as possible, the way it’s meant to be done.

008 I seem to have accumulated a lot of OPI mini’s this week, this set was bought for a mere £1. Bargain!

009 This dress is what I bought with my groupon voucher. Yes I already have it in a wine colour with black detail but I just had to have it in black with gold detail. Love it :)

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Cool pics. Where did you get your mini opi's ? X

  2. @Behindtheshoes, Thanks :) They were being sold at a charity night thing for oxfam, was amazed to see them only going for £1 :) xxx

  3. the dress is gorgeous, think i kind of wasted my groupon away! and the little birthday cake looks absolutely gorgeous! x

  4. @Julie, I've wanted this dress for like 6 months haha so glad to finally have bought it and for cheaper too :) xxx


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