Week In Photos 025

001 Bought these giant strawberries from Asda as the weekend which were gorgeous! They made me even more excited for summer and the warmer weather.

002 Haven’t really taken any photos this week, nothing really photo worthy has happened. I bought a little Nikon camera which I can throw in my bag and take to work with me so hopefully I’ll take more photos during the week rather than using my dslr.

003 I was working today, we half celebrated international woman's day today and are having more events on Tuesday which is actually IWD. The weather was lovely here today, shame I was indoors for most of the day.

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Wow, that stawberry looks amazing! x

  2. i bought strawberries today too, unfortunately mine were kinda wonky looking. Mine week's been boring and filled with school.


  3. @LilyLipstick, they were so nice! Definitely the best I've had for a long time :) xxx

  4. @Elle, haha as long as they taste good! :) xxx

  5. @Louise, haha it's amazing isn't it :) xxx


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