Southport Pleasureland

Every year, probably since I was like 7 or 8, I’d go to Pleasureland in Southport with my mum and a couple of friends until it closed about 6 or 7 years ago. It was also such a great day out, we’d get the train over, go on all the rides, find a rock shop and get a McDonalds before getting the train back. I think it cost like £10 for two people to get in and spend all day there, such a bargain! I went on my first roller coaster here, King Solomon's mine which you’d always hit your head on the person sitting behind you at one point on the ride. I sort of got over my hate for wooden roller coasters by riding the Cyclone. We loved seeing all the lost shoes on top of the buildings while on the Sky Ride. I also discovered my love for Pirate Ships here.

It was such a great place for kids to go as you could go on all the rides unlike Alton Towers or Blackpool because of the height restrictions. It now looks really eerie with all the rides still there but the park empty.

I’m hoping to go again and take some proper photos, these are just from inside the car. There were workmen there so we’re gonna ask them if we can have a look round and take some photos.

Are there any places that you loved as a child that have now closed?


  1. I live here! It's super great in the summer. It's like a cheap travelling circus type attraction but but stays put in the same location. Some people call it the "Gypsy Fair" now but it's not run by gypsies. It's so fun in the summer. You should let me know when you come down/up (depending on where you're from). We went on some brilliant rides last year and some were so fast and so high that my necklace flew off into the sky on one ride! Funnily enough, the necklace was an owl as well so it's as if it actually flew off like a bird!

  2. I visited this park when I was younger. I'm sad that it got closed down. Better value that your rammed Alton Towers! x

  3. Had such a nice day in Southport the other week, we'll have to go together and take some pics! I put some up a couple of posts ago:)

  4. @Meowcake, haha that isn't good! I'm always worrying about loosing my shoes on rides haha I'll definitely let you know :) sounds like great fun! Will have to go sometime in the summer :) xxx

  5. @Pyxiee, yeah definitely, and the rides were better for younger children too :) xxx

  6. @Tara, damn working! Definitely have to go sometime! And I need to come down to London soon :) xxx


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