Models Own Shopping

After being sent a couple of the new spring/summer polishes by Models Own I knew I had to buy the others. The only one I haven’t bought is orange sherbet as I couldn’t see myself using it. I also bought a few others I’ve been lemming over for a while.

Juicy jules, slate grey, bronze rage, nyla nude, bloo boo and pink fever
Bronze rage is such a unique colour and pink fever will look amazing on the toes. I’ll be posting NOTD’s like usual but if you want any in particular just leave a comment.
What’s your favourite Models Own polish?


  1. I'm dying to get Juicy Jules!

  2. @Meowcake, I've wanted it for a while after seeing it on everyones blogs :) xxx

  3. Juicy jules, slate grey and bloo boo look great xxx

  4. @Miss LV, Can't wait to try them :) xxx

  5. Juicy jules is amazing! And I love the bronze rage too. It's way to hard to pick a favourite though, I love them all x

  6. @Kim, oh I couldn't pick a favourite either :) xxx


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