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These two products, Andrew Barton S.O.S help me conditioner and Aussie 3MM, have literally saved the ends of my hair. I don’t get my hair cut nearly as often as I should so the ends are really really dry. Combining these two treatments have made my hair the softest it’s been for a long time and when I don’t use them I can feel and see a difference immediately. Both can be left on for 3 minutes or longer depending on how much time you have. A little goes a long way so both last for a good amount of time.
S.O.S costs £3.70 and is currently on offer, 2 for £6 in Asda which is where I get mine from. I’m not sure if you can buy his range in any other supermarkets, if you know leave a comment! What’s great about the Andrew Barton range is that you can buy a sachet of the deep conditioners for only £1so you can try them out before you buy the tub. 3MM is also sometimes on offer but can be bought for only £3 when not.
I’ve just tried a sachet of Andrew Barton’s gloss treatment which I’ve also fallen in love with and am buying the full size tomorrow.
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ for each
What are your favourite deep conditioners or treatments?

Disclaimer: 3MM was sent for Aussie Angels


  1. I really need to try these as my hair sounds similar to yours as I haven't had it cut since August! The Andrew Barton ones sounds nice to i'll have to pick some up next time im in Asda :) xx

  2. I don't think those products are available herew. I've heard a lot about Aussie 3 Minutes Miracle x

  3. @Caz, definitely try it! :) xxx

  4. @Gaby, that's a shame! 3mm is amazing :) xxx

  5. I love the Aussie deep conditioning haircare, it's a lifesaver on my frazzled ends!
    I'm curently using it with the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment - whether it's made my hair grow or not I can't tell, but it's much stronger and looks healthier which works for me :)

    Jess xx

  6. @Jessica, My ends are rather frazzled to and it's made them so smooth! Definitely don't need any help with hair growth, mines definitely long enough already but it sounds great for making the hair stronger :) xxx


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