11 March 2011

Lush Time

I haven't made a Lush order since September, I even avoided ordering at Christmas as nothing really interested me. I was in the mood to try some of Lush retro products so I made a little order a long with the new shower gel, it's raining men, which smells like honey I washed the kids soap.
I haven’t tried any of these before so I’m looking forward to trying them out. Have you tried any of the retro products before?
I’ll probably be posting a review once a week so it’s not a Lush overload.



  1. I don't buy much Lush to be honest, it's too expensive for me :(


  2. @Meowcake, yeah it is expensive, I only order like twice a year so it doesn't cost too much :) xxx

  3. I've always wanted to try their retro products but didn't want to pay ridiculous delivery fees. You sure are tempting me though - please review them after you use them :)


  4. @Elle hearts blogs, will definitely write reviews for them :) xxx

  5. I love lush, but I used to work at the body shop so I have so many products and I've told myself I cant buy anything from LUSH until ive made a dent in my current stash.


  6. The frog price is so cute!
    I have a Lush splurge a couple of times per year but do find it a bit expensive and even though I love how their products have no packaging its sometimes a little impractical! x

  7. I'm am going throw some £££ at Lush come pay day at the end of the month! I realy want to try that Rub Rub Rub

  8. hi katy!!
    was just wondering, what camera do you have?
    i'm planning on getting an SLR for my birthday and have no idea which model to get :S
    thank you!x

  9. @Estee, I'm currently trying to use up my stash too but couldn't help placing a Lush order :) xxx

  10. @ilylipstick, yeah I always put mine in little plastic bags, don't like putting them altogether as I think the scents mix :) xxx

  11. @Skin scrubs, I'll let you know what I think of it before the end of the motnh :) xxx

  12. Hi Jenny, if you want to ask any other questions it's probably easier if you email me rottenotter@hotmail.co.uk just so you definitely see my answer :)

    I have the Nikon D5000 which I absolutely love. There wasn't really much of a decision why I chose this camera, I saw a couple of blogs using it and loved their photos so went with it.I bought mine for about £500 from currys which included the kit lens.

    The D5000 is being discontinued though but is still available from jessops and currys. Probably from others but those are the two I looked at.

    As I haven't used any other dslr I can't say if canon is better. Hope that helped! If you want any other questions just email me :) xxx


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