Lush Retro Ice Hotel Bubble Bar

I was surprised when I smelt this as I thought it was going to smell of mint and be really fresh which is the scent I imagine when I think of an ice hotel. The strongest scent is the lavender and I can’t smell any mint at all. Not disappointing, just surprised.

Lush describes this as “Refreshing and relaxing, our Ice Hotel Bubble Bar was inspired by the real Ice Hotel in Sweden. Each year you can stay in a hotel that is made of huge blocks of ice (until it melts away in the spring). Helen Ambrosen scented this bar with a mixture of enlivening mint and calming lavender, perfect for a renewing bath in the morning (after one too many iced vodka shots), or a mind-clearing bath in the evening.”

This is a retro bubble bar which means they’re products that were discontinued in shops and can only be bought online. Because of this sometimes the bubble bars can be solid and hard to break into pieces. Luckily all mine were fairly fresh so I didn’t have a problem with this.

I crumbled 1/4 into running water which created lots of lovely soft bubbles, one of the better ones that I’ve tried. You can just slightly see in the photo, on top there is purple iridescent glitter but this doesn’t cover you in. It’s just for decorative purposes.

At only £3.10 I’ll definitely be buying this again.

Have you  tried any of Lush’s retro products?


  1. I want to try so much of Lush's products but I don't have the money :(

  2. @Meowcake, I usually get Lush for christmas or birthdays, it's a good present if the person doesn't really know what to get you :) xxx


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